Monday, 27 August 2007

Weapons of War.

AMMO AMMO!need MORE ammo!fire in the hole!kaboom!!

neh, is not what you are thinking. Malaysia is a peaceful country and war is the thing of the past. however, we as students have to face war on our own, a war so horrible only few DARE to ste up and face, a war so serious you have to face terrible consequences if you fail...

tonight, we dine in HELL!!

not so serious lah, its call Exam Exam Exam Exam Exam (echoes away tragically....)

We must have the proper gear to prepare us physically and mentally for the exam.


guns and ammos (all used up in less then a day..hehe!)


and this phrase, time pass when you are having fun. studying is totally NO fun BUT time pass by like sweets, the next thing i knew it was evening and the next moment, night time!'s 5.40pm (the clock is 10 minutes fast)

Good luck to everyone who is having exams yah!chocs help in making you understand and keep the stress level down!

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KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Chocolate is definitely a brain food~