Saturday, 30 June 2007

Cow on the GO!

Spotted on Federal Highway. A MOO-ving and speeding cow!!

The cow even look in the camera and pose wei!its cow-togenic photogenic!!

My humps. my humps. my humps my humps, my humps

The driver also was looking and laughing at the jacoons us in the car!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Freaky Friday

Today is double kill test day; statistic and calculus.Stats was ok, came out like what Ms.Soo said but calculus...dead meat cow dung.

Cow Dung = calculus quiz 1..

During Statistic exam(thanks to Sis Nokia 5200)

since we accomplish the WAR against 2 quizzes, we went to Sri-Paandi Seksyen 11 to celebrate!!!(Thanks to Liew for the pics!)

Shamrul who suggest we go there and mum mum!(Candid shot)

7 of us went, 4 of us order banana leaf!the place was madly pack, lucky ngam ngam we came, one table empty just for us! takdir we suppose go there eat!

Look at the crowd at the back. Ignore these two females..

Dude serving curry, Andrew there is spoilt of choice..

We actually overeat there till we were late for our Algebra lecture..blame Andrew who ate this:

3 plates of rice + 2 fried chickens + 2 cup of drinks + 1 tandoori ayam + 3 refill of papadam + 1 Rasam + 4 types of vege X 3 refill + uncountable many types of curry = brutallity..

One of Andrew's drink; Fermented milk, the other is Coke

Even Sham said if there's 10 Andrew's in the restaurant at the same time...gone case!

A happy customer ying yi and a very very full Andrew at the background..

Before war-After war-

Was screwed lectured by my lecturer for being late, but its worth it I tell you.

Me in black whacking the rice; eat with hand only got ommph mah!!

Now got my second Flu in 2 weeks..haih!take care everyone, screw the weather!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

FAQ-Frequently Arse-k Ques

One of the top 5 question i've been ask often is : What are you studying and where?
maybe once or twice once in awhile oklah~but...lately its getting more often!!
So here goes, the solution, once and for all!

I'm studying Applies Maths with Computing; in other words I major in Maths and minor in computing. I take from calculus to algebra to Java to C++.Click here to know the course outline.

This is the entrance of FICT block(PD Block of PJ campus). UTAR is NOT the same as the raping, killing,everything KTAR. One is Uni, one is college. UTAR has 4 main campus; PJ, Sungai Long, Setapak and latest Kampar.
I'm not being racist busybody but 95% of the students are Chinese!!
The lecture hall look something like this:

The facilities overall really sucks like shyt is just below par. The lecture hall, tables and chairs reminds me of the tuition centre i attend before, no have the "uni" feeling.

BUT, most of the lecturer are good. Very friendly wan, can joke joke all.

One example, Dr.Tang(Intermediate Calculus). She's good.

When there's lecture, there must be tutorial classes, so this is how it looks like:

Shouldn't I be studying in class???

And when go class also have to eat right?HOW to study with empty tummy?
Ignoring the normal ol' boring canteen, sometimes we whack the food at Mamak stalls behind the campus.

"You want to eat or not???!!!ORDER LAH!"

Maggi goreng in action!

And the computer lab to do programming stuffs and go online and play games to do research.

As you can see, the comp is a lil cacat. And my tutor is in front there.

My class after the tutor said BRB. All cant sit down wan!

One word of warning, coming here, the topics are damm hard, can make you go mad wan such as this:-


P.S. thanx to ying yi for the pic. Hope she don't mind me putting this pic

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sounds the same..

Saw this in a leading newspaper in our country.

it may sounds bad but the meaning is:

Fok·ker [fok-er; Du. fok-uhr] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun

1.An·tho·ny Her·man Ge·rard [Du. ahn-toh-nee her-mahn gey-rahrt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation, 1890–1939, Dutch airplane designer and builder. aircraft designed or built by Fokker, esp. as used by Germany in World War I.

It's a type of aircraft.
You know this movie?sounds the same?hehe!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hot Head

Woke up this morning with a hot head;fever!

i thought my butt is heavier then my head but now i feel the other way round! So i ponteng have to skip class and stay home. Lately everyone's been sick.I ain't your grandma So everyone drink lots water, take care yah~

Sunday, 10 June 2007

"WOW" is here???

I dunno if alot people know about the truth of the WOW..

The WOW starts now..yeah...

Its about Windows latest product which is fated to be banged by people around the world, Vista. Here's a preview of Vista Home Premium; just the looks of it externally.

This is the desktop with the sidebar feature at the right. You can run small applications here and most of it are available for free online. Just download and run. I play snakes, tic tac toe etc here to kill time but its not recommended...ill tell you the reason later.
Vista proudly announce about its Aero interface, you have to have an average graphics card to see it nicely. One of the Aero features is the transparent-glass-like windows.

You can see the window behind the front window. Give it a transparent visibility.

You can select the color of the windows. i selected pink for this preview.

Another feature of the Aero is the Flip 3D feature. Instead of Alt+Tab to switch windows, Vista also supports Alt+Windows.

The front window is your active window.

I don't use thid Flip 3D often because its a RAM sucker it uses up alot of RAM.
I run Windows Media Player, MSN, and Mozilla Firefox, you check out how much RAM is consume already...

a WHOPPING 74% of my 1GB RAM. wth!!!!!!! Ignore the Core 1 & 2 percentage..It's usually less then 20%..Thats why I never open the further eats my RAM. When i just start the comp, the system OS itself makan 51% of the RAM adi.

Some wrong thinking bout Vista:-
  • It loads wayyy too slow: If you have sufficient RAM then that wont happen. Mine will load finish in less then 30 seconds.
  • Security sucks: If you go to those "websites" then of cause the comp DIE lah. Just update regularly then ok already.
One thing though, some of the drivers cannot be supported by Vista. Some hardware cant be install in Vista. Initially i cant install my printer..fortunately Canon release the driver for my printer, so problem solve.

Verdict? if you like the outlook of it, get it but make sure with 2GB RAM and an excellent graphics card. But I think Vista should only be installed next year as cheaper DirectX 10 supported graphics card will be out.

Friday, 8 June 2007

NAC- National Achievers Congress 2007

On 21 and 22 May the annual 15th NAC event was held at PWTC, KL.

It's an event where super speakers from around the globe gather and give us a piece of their mind. And by the way, they are all we will know whats in the mind of a rich asses peoples. Some speakers who came before was Neil Armstrong(Space dude), Donald Trump( Rich guy with a hot young wife) and many others. i already expect a big crowd before i even enter the hall.

i AM very sure i'm one of the youngest there. Most of them either are BALDING or having WRINKLES or have alot WHITE HAIRS. Feel a lil lost there. And most of them are rich buggers themselves. Most are equiped with Blackberrys, Apple Mac, etc. The payment fee of RM400 i think is just a pinch on their wallet.

The whole thing started with the slide show of the speakers with the Pirates of Cari Bean TRAGIC wei.

Jerry Clark,Tung Desem, Terence(MC)

Mark Hansen(Author of Chicken Soup), Dr.Clemen, Roger Hamilton(He aint a monkey)

Andrew Matthews(My fave speaker,damm funny)

This is juz DAY ONE!!got the same number of speakers the next day. The cons is that they cramp too many speakers in one im mentally dead after the fourth speech. So who wants to get rich here?IM me if you want to know ALL the tips, i copied all down already, and its FOC, no nid pay rm400. who wants to go next year wan and get RICHER?