Friday, 27 February 2009

Whats on the 14th?

NO updates lately because my internet keeps disconnecting every few minutes, hope this blog post will go just fine XD

Anyway, on the 14th, we are suppose to have class in uni in the morning, to replace CNY week BUT the lecturer cancel!! whee!! got for those who had plans that morning with their other special half. I had plans with my pillow and blanket...if you get what I mean..and also with a 'letter' =)

14th..hmm...notice the missing key on the background!! Ain't my keyboard, this is my uni's keyboard!!

Then at 2.30pm I had my regular add maths tuition which lasted till 2 hours later. Then it was a special simple yet amazing Valentine's teatime at Secret Recipe!

Her banana split without strawberry flavor =)

What she does best, posing for my camera XDXD

Am very happy I selected the correct items and enjoyed the date =)

And then I guess I talked too much then we had to rush to fetch people and prepare stuff etc =S

My bad!!

After our date is our Church's Youth Valentine's Day special!!

Sitting around and play games!!

I'm shy, pleaseee don't take my pic XD

There were many newcomers and many happy couples that day in Youth!!

The above average crowd!!

Pastor's speech on relationship etc. Well said pastor!!!

Umm...what should I do now =S

Everyone exchange love letter of encouragement which each other

Matthew to Jeremy with love..eeeeeeeee.....

And then someone took my camera and snap all the way =S

and that's how I ended up in this weird pose..

then I took the camera back and everyone start posing for me!!

Ya Pei, Panda, Elaine.

and many more pics, but I'm not going to upload all, there is too many.

Overall it was a great superb day, I hope you are happy and the rest of you as well =)

A day to remember of the year!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentines's Fish & Chip!

Nope, I didnt eat Fish & Chip during Valentines Day, although I actually don't mind doing so XD

Is actually the gift from my date for Valentines =)

and I know it is weird to post bout my gift for Valentines before I even say what I did on the day itself! that will be on the next post!

Mini aquarium!!

It is definately a surprise, I never thought I'll get a fish tank with fishes as a gift!!

Swim round and round and round @.@

and I never rare a pet before, so this is a new AND surprising experience for me!! Thank you yah my date!!

Whylah so shy when take your pic Chip? Be like her, like to pose and camwhore wan!!!

and you all (including myself) are wondering...why fish? of all pets or gifts in the world? First of all, I showed her how to make Ang Pau fish for CNY, so there is a relation! another reason is..well..secret XD

There are actually THREE fishes, not two. There is two goldfish and one sucker fish. Notice the eyes in the middle of this pic? that is the third hidden super shy fish.

And guess what we named the fishes??


Sounds logical right? Although I wont eat the fish of course =.= But I cant differentiate them yet =S So we got the names, but we haven't give them the name officially!! I'm the Fish, she's the Chip. I guess I'm the fishy one and she's the...chirpy one??

And we name the Sucker fish Tartar because it goes well with Fish & Chips, someone suggested Salad as well, but tartar tastes better right?

Dory:Keep swimming swimming swimming

And now I got extra chores to do, clean fish tank, feed the fishes , treat it well like how I treat..someone.. and I'm happy to do all that, definately a great sincere gift =)

And I'll post more on Valentine's in the next post!!

My date Rachel and I =) my hair is weird though =S

Happy Valentines to all, how was yours instead?

~another negative 3 days XD~

Monday, 16 February 2009

Korean Appetite!

Last week, my sis and I had a sudden craving for Kimchi Fried Rice! but the only place she knows that serve that dish is at KL Sentral but then suddenly she remembered about a new restaurant called Da Sa Rang at SS15. It is located just in front of Inti College and on top of the McDonalds. Yup, it is on the first floor.

Upon parking the car and walking up the staircase, we are greeted by Anyong-haseyo which means hello. Then we walk on and we are required to remove our shoes! we are to eat on the floor.

Sitted on the floor cushion. Notice the nice decor around!!

There is certainly a Korean feel to the restaurant and thers is many many Korean decor around the whole place!! so upon seated on the ground, we took our order and there is a BBQ pit on the table.

The free 10 side dishes to compliment your meal.

Their food are a lil to the spicy side, you can notice how RED is the food they serve there..

Kimchi Fried Rice (RM15.90) is red in color. It is cooked in nasi pattaya style though..

Kimchi pork soup(RM12.90). I forgot to mention, it is a tak-halal restaurant..

Kimchi Pork with rice(RM17.90). This is GOOD!!!

My sis and I thought the servings will be small thats why we order 3 main dishes but we were sooo wrong. The servings are HUGE!! so huge I actually had to tapau the soup back home =) and later there is free dessert which are watermelon and some cold sweet tea. woah, so many free things serve here =)

And the service here is very fast and efficient. I seriously didn't mind paying the 10% service charge here! haha! and it is definately different eating experience with flat metal chopsticks..

All in all the bill was RM55.75 for all the many dishes above. Not bad yah? Definately will go there again, already made a promise with someone =)

Thursday, 12 February 2009


A farewell party(?) of all sorts, some heading overseas, some heading outstation for sometime and a steamboat gathering signify all that.

The host of the party Wilson and bound to Australia and he is there already.

Yu En in purple bounded for Johor. There is Su Ann's friends there as well, sorry forgot the names.

Wilson little sister, bounded for SPM?

After rushing home from class and Pyramid, I bath and grab my camera and head to the party.

What people do when they wait for the food to get cook during a steamboat.

And over there were some of my juniors from USJ12 I haven't met in a long long time, really nice coincidence to meet them there.

Things do happen for a reason, and there is no coincidence.

And of course I ask for my fave quill eggs from Wilson and happily his mum prepare AMPLE of those eggs for me!!

QUILL EGGS! cholesterol a bit on the high side though =S

Dip in tom yam soup of course!! It is more to sour then spicy actually..

Had a long chat with everyone, and some random chat with others and get to know some new younger friends =)

Wil, Yu En, Keat

Hey, take my picture!!!

We do talk about old times, about when we were back in secondary school, how was thing was at that time. my wrong doings and mistakes of the past..of course we just laugh about it! talk about present and future plans as well. How is it going on in the school and they said I gained a lot of weight =S that is not a surprising fact since it is post-CNY time...


Getting sleepy as we head off to the night...

We all left bout midnight and I slept in an instant, eating steamboat is tiring business. Going to miss the good ol' times of secondary days but it is time to continue on with the present and hope the future holds joy and happiness to all of us =)

I'm sorry and I mean it, never meant to make you mad and angry

A silent lonely moon by cloudy clouds of the night. It was the eclipse night that night I took the pic but I guess i overexpose it..

And what I do best, stuck at traffic light, I have rotten luck in traffic lights, 90% yellow or red when I reach one of these things..

Appreciate things and friends when they are around =) Till next time, byebye!

~just 43 hours more~!~

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Random ramblings.

The other day my sis brought back something she bought which we play often when we were young. Remember those days we play the pop-pop, ice and water, those styrofoam airplans and such? yeah, it brought back memories.

Blow it!!!

Remember this? You just put some sticky liquid on the end of a plastic straw and blow your lungs away, the bigger the better! Just do not...burst it...


That's the biggest I did and it exploded soon after XD.

And as soon as time passes, it is Week 5 in my uni and all the tests, assignments start creeping in..sigh..I'm afraid my time is too short to do my own things?

And speaking about time, tomorrow is already Chap Goh Mei??!!!

Dang, another year till the next CNY. And for your information, CNY next year is on February 14!!

As time passes quickly, the same goes to Christmas which also a long long way to go..

Lonely snowman...

Another 10 months to go!!

At least I got something to look forward to next saturday =)


And guess what I found at my random photos folder??

rachel!!! eat also tak ajak XD

The cross at main sanctuary.

Welcome to the MIYF!! hahaha!

The speaker from Korea!!

There is ALOT of random and nice candid shots from church, there is a good photo hunting spot XD

~VI days to go~

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New addition to tech family of my house!

Introducing the latest new addition to my house tech junkie collection!

A proud product of Acer Corporation =.=

A proud owner which is my sister, not me T.T

But I'll still use it anyway XD

Acer Aspire One pink.

It's so freaking light and portable, it is sooo small compare to my current laptop which nearly weighs THREE times more.

It is just a basic computer with respectable RAM and processor speed, I doubt it can handle large hardcore programs/games. Shall I install Photoshop inside =S?

It's 8.9" screen is seriously sharp. Even under bright lights, the contents are very readable!

Super Screen!!!

If I were to buy it, I'll choose pink also since it is the nicest color available! and pink is the new black!!

But I'll have to get use to the new keyboard layout. The keys are soo small, I had to cramp my palms together to type properly on it. Not for those with mammoth hands =.=

I get a free pink 4GB Kingston along, and I doubt pink was the accidental color, they purposely pair it up with the laptop!!

Now I'll have to eat my dinner, happy CNY everyone!!

with 50mm F1.8

~X days to go!! cant wait! small yet simple surprise~