Thursday, 12 February 2009


A farewell party(?) of all sorts, some heading overseas, some heading outstation for sometime and a steamboat gathering signify all that.

The host of the party Wilson and bound to Australia and he is there already.

Yu En in purple bounded for Johor. There is Su Ann's friends there as well, sorry forgot the names.

Wilson little sister, bounded for SPM?

After rushing home from class and Pyramid, I bath and grab my camera and head to the party.

What people do when they wait for the food to get cook during a steamboat.

And over there were some of my juniors from USJ12 I haven't met in a long long time, really nice coincidence to meet them there.

Things do happen for a reason, and there is no coincidence.

And of course I ask for my fave quill eggs from Wilson and happily his mum prepare AMPLE of those eggs for me!!

QUILL EGGS! cholesterol a bit on the high side though =S

Dip in tom yam soup of course!! It is more to sour then spicy actually..

Had a long chat with everyone, and some random chat with others and get to know some new younger friends =)

Wil, Yu En, Keat

Hey, take my picture!!!

We do talk about old times, about when we were back in secondary school, how was thing was at that time. my wrong doings and mistakes of the past..of course we just laugh about it! talk about present and future plans as well. How is it going on in the school and they said I gained a lot of weight =S that is not a surprising fact since it is post-CNY time...


Getting sleepy as we head off to the night...

We all left bout midnight and I slept in an instant, eating steamboat is tiring business. Going to miss the good ol' times of secondary days but it is time to continue on with the present and hope the future holds joy and happiness to all of us =)

I'm sorry and I mean it, never meant to make you mad and angry

A silent lonely moon by cloudy clouds of the night. It was the eclipse night that night I took the pic but I guess i overexpose it..

And what I do best, stuck at traffic light, I have rotten luck in traffic lights, 90% yellow or red when I reach one of these things..

Appreciate things and friends when they are around =) Till next time, byebye!

~just 43 hours more~!~

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