Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New addition to tech family of my house!

Introducing the latest new addition to my house tech junkie collection!

A proud product of Acer Corporation =.=

A proud owner which is my sister, not me T.T

But I'll still use it anyway XD

Acer Aspire One pink.

It's so freaking light and portable, it is sooo small compare to my current laptop which nearly weighs THREE times more.

It is just a basic computer with respectable RAM and processor speed, I doubt it can handle large hardcore programs/games. Shall I install Photoshop inside =S?

It's 8.9" screen is seriously sharp. Even under bright lights, the contents are very readable!

Super Screen!!!

If I were to buy it, I'll choose pink also since it is the nicest color available! and pink is the new black!!

But I'll have to get use to the new keyboard layout. The keys are soo small, I had to cramp my palms together to type properly on it. Not for those with mammoth hands =.=

I get a free pink 4GB Kingston along, and I doubt pink was the accidental color, they purposely pair it up with the laptop!!

Now I'll have to eat my dinner, happy CNY everyone!!

with 50mm F1.8

~X days to go!! cant wait! small yet simple surprise~

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