Friday, 23 November 2007

Encounter from the Yellow World!!

After the convocation, we went around shopping in 1U, and guess what we saw.

Its yellow.

Guess it already??

Can guess from the back?

he was passing car stickers of himself(or itself..). Its now on the mirror of my car!Hehe!

The front one is skinny, the back is fat!

this is the skinny one unfortunately...i want the fat fat wan!that's my mum btw.

It's the Digi Yellow Man!!I'm a digi user and that is my yellow man!haha!

That's the car sticker taken with my new hp, elaboration next time on it~!Pardon my finger in the pic though..

Monday, 19 November 2007

Convo Part 2

My sis have a second convocation, this time is at One World Hotel at One Utama. Last time was organized by Sunway College, now is by ACCA Malaysia.

At the picture taking and registration hall.

This time is a bigger, grander, and MORE expansive convo!It cost me big bucks coming here!!

The lunch buffet without the food.

About 8am my family and I reach 1U and all the shop were closed EXCEPT McD, so we had breakfast there. Then we had to enter the hotel by another entrance as all the shops are close.

The main banner and the VIP name.

This June examination a total of 563 graduated from ACCA, a record, fortunately my sis found a job already, so there's no worries of unemployment.

The super BIG crowd.

Of course there are boring speeches by the VIP and the President of ACCA Malaysia. But this time is wasn't THAT boring, its funny this time.

Pretty graduates!

And for the first time in history, the event followed the schedule!!!No Malaysian Timing at all, everything was punctual..i was SERIOUSLY impresses. Kudos to the organizer on timing. BUT when it comes to lunch hour.. all KOYAK already..It was so messy, there was NO queue, food wasn't restock fast.

Picture taking time!

Throw the HATS off!

Family pic!

New job, new paycheck, so i can renew the rate of money i can get from her!!HEHE!!

I'll end this post with a picture, tell me what do you think about it..

Nice hairstyle??

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Happy Deepavali!!

Deepavali is a time to munch in many types of curries besides visiting you indian friends, in my case, i visited my SIS's friend's house, an indian girl name Priyah...None of my indian friends call so forgettable huh...
Anyway,back to the topic. The house is located 5 minit from Batu Caves.

P.S: Batu Caves is famous for the THAIPUSAM festival, not Deepavali.

The journey there took a whole 30 minutes!!imagine the distance!

Priyah:Welcome..sorry but the food is not ready yet..
Others: Aiyah...

When we reach the house, some of her relatives are there, after the usual greetings and wishing, we are serve with snacks and tid bits.

L-R: Fried Chicken, Sambal Prawn, Acar, Vegetarian Kurma. Foods are covered up to prevent viewers from getting hungry.

The house smells GOOD!!aroma of the dishes, the moment you step inside, sure hungry already!!

Uncencored food..

Batu formation of Batu was going to rain though..

Zoom to the left formation. Behind it is the entrance to Batu Caves.

The host and her friends...Yes..I'm the only guy and the youngest there.

After a big meal, we left the house and I slept all the way home from the heavy and tasty meal. My tongue got burned in the eating process by the way..but it's worth it!!
Can't wait for next year!!Time to gain weight!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Lee Hom Promo Tour.

On Friday, my lookalike nemesis Lee Hom came to Malaysia to promote his Change Me 改变自己 album. There is a promo tour stop at Sungai Wang that night, and my sister have free tickets, so we just go. Of course I'll be happier if a hot chick came instead of a hot hunk. About 600 people crammed into the small place, and you need a ticket to enter.

The ticket.

The crowd. I'm surprised many guys came!

The event kicks off at 8pm at the 4th Floor open car park, and by the time I enter the place at 7.40, it's super full and packed already...

The big crowd, the stage, and KL Tower at the backdrop.

The picture quality not so good, as I have to zoom front and the lightings are bad!!!And i can't take a steady shot, soooooooo many hands are pushing me!!

Some performances/contest before he came. They are suppose to say "Wang Lee Hom, Celcom" in the sexiest way.

The hype-out crowd as Lee Hom enter the area!

It started a little later, as true to the term Malaysian timing. Met fellow coursemate Ying Yi there as well, she took one of my tickets!!!

Why one eye big one small one??Lee Hom Effect??


The MC interviewing. He even wish Selamat Deepavali!haha!

I'm fortunate that the people in front of me aren't that tall, so the picture taking is possible. And many girls sit on their boyfriends shoulder so they can have a view of him, that makes us at the back super inconvinient as we can't see the front!!

Count the cameras and handphone!!!

He sang 3 songs and by 8.33, it was the CD signing time, so those who bought his CD can have it signed!!My sis, her friends and me went away while 2 other members went and take the signature.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Grand Dinner.

Is a great feeling to return to familiar territory such as a place where your high school mates are. Last week was the annual prefect night, and school leavers/old boys such as me are invited to attend. The location was at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya.

The title for the dinner.

Over there we saw many many unknown faces as when i left school, the form 1 and 2 prefects enter, so i didn't know a single soul from those 2 years, and they make the majority of the dinner.

Kok Kuan, Pn.Something, Pn.Teng (Maths)

I see friends who grow taller/older, teachers who look YOUNGER, seriously but some grow older too!hehe!more wrinkles...ain't want to mention names for this part..

Esther(He's a She..i mean...she's a he..It is a girl basically), Me, Kunil, Kabilan.(Thanks Chris!)

The dress code was formal wear, so everyone wore as if we are going to a prom.
It started at 7.30pm and according to the Malaysian Timing rule , it sure start late by 30 minutes and above.

"Eh, you know ah, those seniors look very handsome and pretty right?"

Majority of the senior group pic!some sesat elsewhere.(Thanks to nick for the pic)

And some of the activities that night is performances and award-giving to some of the top-of-the-line prefects.

"Come and dance and shake ye arses with us!!"

Stupid lightings..."I've been to the Year 3000, nothing have change but they live underwater,"

"You know husband ahh..he ahh...go and blah blah blah, no time for me!!"

Me on stage. "And the nominees are...."

Yuen Mei and I.

Me, Jo Ann, Nick and a girl.

Kevin, KKK, Sean, Me. i ain't the shortest, just that I step on my stairs lower.

Hope next year we will be invited to attend the dinner again, i can see that everyone had a great time,and it is nice to see new innocent faces who are yet to be corrupted, just like me!jkjk! I'll end with a dance performance by the form 4 prefects.