Saturday, 3 November 2007

Grand Dinner.

Is a great feeling to return to familiar territory such as a place where your high school mates are. Last week was the annual prefect night, and school leavers/old boys such as me are invited to attend. The location was at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya.

The title for the dinner.

Over there we saw many many unknown faces as when i left school, the form 1 and 2 prefects enter, so i didn't know a single soul from those 2 years, and they make the majority of the dinner.

Kok Kuan, Pn.Something, Pn.Teng (Maths)

I see friends who grow taller/older, teachers who look YOUNGER, seriously but some grow older too!hehe!more wrinkles...ain't want to mention names for this part..

Esther(He's a She..i mean...she's a he..It is a girl basically), Me, Kunil, Kabilan.(Thanks Chris!)

The dress code was formal wear, so everyone wore as if we are going to a prom.
It started at 7.30pm and according to the Malaysian Timing rule , it sure start late by 30 minutes and above.

"Eh, you know ah, those seniors look very handsome and pretty right?"

Majority of the senior group pic!some sesat elsewhere.(Thanks to nick for the pic)

And some of the activities that night is performances and award-giving to some of the top-of-the-line prefects.

"Come and dance and shake ye arses with us!!"

Stupid lightings..."I've been to the Year 3000, nothing have change but they live underwater,"

"You know husband ahh..he ahh...go and blah blah blah, no time for me!!"

Me on stage. "And the nominees are...."

Yuen Mei and I.

Me, Jo Ann, Nick and a girl.

Kevin, KKK, Sean, Me. i ain't the shortest, just that I step on my stairs lower.

Hope next year we will be invited to attend the dinner again, i can see that everyone had a great time,and it is nice to see new innocent faces who are yet to be corrupted, just like me!jkjk! I'll end with a dance performance by the form 4 prefects.


=thick frame glasses~ping= said... nice aaa.. looks really grand..and u wear until very "grand" also...

damniel said...

wat the fish i wasnt even invited???