Monday, 17 August 2009

Thank You =D

A great Brother's Night at Church!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Of Farewells and parking tickets?!

Well, last week was Ya-Pei's farewell as she will be studying in NTU in Singapore, I hope she will do well and adjust herself well there!! Will pray for you often XD

Rachel, YaPei, Elaine

And then on Tuesday, we watch The Proposal at Pyramid. Then Samuel has a parking ticket from pyramid from July 18th, and we watched the movie on 11 August. Then we enter the ticket on the paying machine, guess how much the amount??


Who's paying that?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Lunch at Wong Kok.

And so, after class we had 1.5 hours of break and my friend wanted to repark his double parked car, so we went on a drive and up in SS2. We go round and round and we dunno where to eat, so i suggested Wong Kok and there is where we went!

*Whole post with 50mm F1.8 and photoshop twicking*

I never been there since late last year although there are many many branches around me, and 3 of us went there wearing all formal with tie etc cause it was after our graduating phototaking!!


Liew the driver!

Something like Kim Gary as everyone knows, with a lot Hong Kong food of Cheese Baked Rice, oversize drinks, very very comfortable chairs and wifi.

And there were many sets available. Under the menu there were like 4-5 sheets of paper of different menu set and prices and flavour. I pick one after another, like the other set is better then the other one.

In the end I was spoilt of choice..I just open the regular menu and see what they got. Liew and Raymond going there more often, they quickly ordered and tick their order in the papers. And I just follow what they ordered haha!


Only RM11.80++, inclusive of a soup, a large large drink, dessert and main course!! I ordered honey pork chopped with rice or something like that..

My coffee cup on the left and my soup on the right. See how LARGE is the coffee cup.. I'm filled with caffeine...

Ice 'Cham', Ice Lemon Tea and Watermelon as dessert.

Raymond's chicken with white cream and corn.

The location is at SS2 just behind SS2 Murni. And the flavor is quite not bad! For RM11.80++, is soo darned worth it. I had to help Raymond finish his portion of food, not to say my set was had a smaller serving size, it was ALL big!

More pics on the graduating phototaking next time!!

Enjoy and be happy~

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Some random pics with friends! Enjoy!