Saturday, 25 July 2009

Wedding and Cousins!

And yet another cousin's wedding, but this was the most special one in all weddings I attended.
I met with cousin's I never thought existed!!!

The wedding was last week Saturday in Melaka (Same day as bon odori..ishhhh =( , miss it for the first time in many years!!), and it was like no other wedding!

Bride Juin Yi and Groom Shaun at their official room. The amount of relatives they have is incredible!! About 40-50 person cramp into the corner lot to witness the morning wedding event!!

Cousins Victor, Normal, Sylvia, Gerry, Vincent and Steph from Canada and Australia. I'm the odd one out since I'm bred locally here in Malaysia...

First time meeting up with them but it was all fun already! Plenty of talking, laughing and all nonsense! Doubt I'll see them in years to come since most of them return back already sigh...

A typical Chinese wedding with Tea Serving ceremony and angpau giving (I'll receive it of course XD). The bride is from Muar, Johor. So as early as 6.30am, Shaun had to drive all the way to Muar to pick the bride, receive the in-law's consent, and drive all the way back to Melaka. Love takes you everywhere!!

That's the car he drove to Muar..

Family shot!!

Geraldine and me.

What we all did in the groom's house...

And then in the evening at a chinese restaurant..

Chivas!! more the merrier!!

It must be the alcohol that makes us like that..

Parents were there so my intake was very limited haha!
But I had fun nonetheless, really look forward to next time seeing all my cousins again.

Till next time, be happy and GBU!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Goes flying!

My shoes!!!

Just a shot on cousin's wedding day, more on next post!

Friday, 10 July 2009


This is my first time going to a Cosplay event, and I surely felt weird asking for people to pose for my camera, so pardon the many many weird shots!

I first heard about it from Su Ann, my long time friend on this event as she herself will cosplay on that day. Since I'm free that day, so I just give it a go!

Maito Gai!

It was a 2 day event, held at Sunway College but I went on the first day, on a Saturday morning. After picking up Su Ann and her friend Syara, I drove straight to Sunway College and got a parking there.

Upon entering the building, I already saw a few people with nice wigs and colourful clothings. Well, at least I went to the right destination =D Then Su Ann told me the event is at Level 3(I think...), we headed to the lift and go right up.

Merchandise on sale!!

There were plenty and really a lot a lot of stares from students at the Lobby on the way up. I guess there never seen this before? Or they haven't seen such pretty ladies before HAHA!

At Level 3, there was a queue already with Cosplayers outnumbered guests such as myself. Sadly I have no costume or character to emulate! Maybe I should try be Doraemon next time..hmm..

It is RM5 entry for Cosplayers and RM8 for guests. It was a 2 day event, and the payment is just for a day's visit but oh well, I'm not going the following morning anyway. Entering the huge hall, there were many stalls by the side, an animation studio in the middle, online games previews and performances on the main stage.

The early crowd at 11.30am.

1 hour later....

Kick Ass crowd, and not yet the peak hour.

It was from 11am to 6pm if I'm not mistaken and the event of the day was Karaoke Competition and some movie showcase such as Howl's Moving Castle(My personal fave..the bomb anime!!), Spirited Away, Doraemon the Movie and many others.

I register for some online game which I forgot the name, doubt I'll ever play it since I didn't even receive the installation CD =S I went around taking pictures and hoping to buy some merchandise etc. And I tell you..the things there are not that cheap... There were DVD's on sale, postcards, bags, food etc!

Akatsuki special edition!

Su Ann bought some Yaoi anime. And there were many photographers taking pictures of Su Ann and Syara! Become famous in just a few minutes haha! Asked them to joined the Karaoke competition but oh well..they are too 'talented' for this kind of things =D

The blonde is soo hot I tell you...

Some scenes from the Karaoke Competition.

And of course, there will be Simon Cowell..

with a Scientific Calculator on her right!! O.o

I guess that is for calculating the score =D

And then soon after that, we left the place and I put Su Ann and Syara down at Pyramid, I head home and get ready for the MIYF Youth Anniversary!! (Sorry yah I rarely go to the Youth the past few months...)

I'll end with this pic!

Mochi, anyone =D?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Do what in uni?

A few random pics, taken by friends a few months back, isn't it fast the final semester already?


Happy Birthday Jeremy =)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Just a expensive one..

A few weeks back, Liew and I was walking inside 1 Utama and then we saw this. Looking at the advertisement makes our mouth go saliva full force and we decide on the spot, next week we save our money and eat at TGIF!

And that's how we ended up at Seksyen 14 TGIF outlet on a Thursday afternoon during out 2 hour break. Initially Liew and I wanted to eat there, but then Ying Yi and Choi Yok joined us as well. Smart decision ladies XD

Appetizers: Mac & Cheese, Boneless Chicken, Clam Chowder.

It has been awhile since I ate there, but the same set are still available, they didn't change the 2-course-meal set yet, but it is still good =)

My entree, Sizzling Chicken & Cheese

So at 12pm, 4 of us walk to the restaurant. YUP, we walked there in the noon. Of course there were complains from the ladies but they came anyway haha!

Liew's entree, Some pasta..

15 minutes later, we reached the restaurant and upon seated, we made our order, and waited for the delicacies to come!

Ying Yi and Choi Yok's entree. They both share the meal as the portion was huge!!

Upon eating the appetizer, it felt like we were eating the main course already! It was soooo full and serving was big!!

Liew is very very full...

But that does not stop us from eating some dessert =D

With RM6, you'll get two mini desserts, you can choose from 5 types of dessert.

Mint Oreo and Chocolate sumting sumting..

The dessert is just average though, I don't think it is worth my money. I rather eat RM1 ice cream from McD!!

The ladies and their dessert..

After eating and talking there for nearly 2 hours, we realize it is time for our next class!! Thankfully we reached back in time. However..we were so full, I doubt we can concentrate in class? Feeling sleepy most of the time after that haha!!

It is RM29.90 for the 2 course meal set, and it is available at TGIF near you! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!!!

*Thanks to Choi Yok camera for the pics, and myself for the editing =)*