Saturday, 4 July 2009

Just a expensive one..

A few weeks back, Liew and I was walking inside 1 Utama and then we saw this. Looking at the advertisement makes our mouth go saliva full force and we decide on the spot, next week we save our money and eat at TGIF!

And that's how we ended up at Seksyen 14 TGIF outlet on a Thursday afternoon during out 2 hour break. Initially Liew and I wanted to eat there, but then Ying Yi and Choi Yok joined us as well. Smart decision ladies XD

Appetizers: Mac & Cheese, Boneless Chicken, Clam Chowder.

It has been awhile since I ate there, but the same set are still available, they didn't change the 2-course-meal set yet, but it is still good =)

My entree, Sizzling Chicken & Cheese

So at 12pm, 4 of us walk to the restaurant. YUP, we walked there in the noon. Of course there were complains from the ladies but they came anyway haha!

Liew's entree, Some pasta..

15 minutes later, we reached the restaurant and upon seated, we made our order, and waited for the delicacies to come!

Ying Yi and Choi Yok's entree. They both share the meal as the portion was huge!!

Upon eating the appetizer, it felt like we were eating the main course already! It was soooo full and serving was big!!

Liew is very very full...

But that does not stop us from eating some dessert =D

With RM6, you'll get two mini desserts, you can choose from 5 types of dessert.

Mint Oreo and Chocolate sumting sumting..

The dessert is just average though, I don't think it is worth my money. I rather eat RM1 ice cream from McD!!

The ladies and their dessert..

After eating and talking there for nearly 2 hours, we realize it is time for our next class!! Thankfully we reached back in time. However..we were so full, I doubt we can concentrate in class? Feeling sleepy most of the time after that haha!!

It is RM29.90 for the 2 course meal set, and it is available at TGIF near you! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!!!

*Thanks to Choi Yok camera for the pics, and myself for the editing =)*

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