Saturday, 25 July 2009

Wedding and Cousins!

And yet another cousin's wedding, but this was the most special one in all weddings I attended.
I met with cousin's I never thought existed!!!

The wedding was last week Saturday in Melaka (Same day as bon odori..ishhhh =( , miss it for the first time in many years!!), and it was like no other wedding!

Bride Juin Yi and Groom Shaun at their official room. The amount of relatives they have is incredible!! About 40-50 person cramp into the corner lot to witness the morning wedding event!!

Cousins Victor, Normal, Sylvia, Gerry, Vincent and Steph from Canada and Australia. I'm the odd one out since I'm bred locally here in Malaysia...

First time meeting up with them but it was all fun already! Plenty of talking, laughing and all nonsense! Doubt I'll see them in years to come since most of them return back already sigh...

A typical Chinese wedding with Tea Serving ceremony and angpau giving (I'll receive it of course XD). The bride is from Muar, Johor. So as early as 6.30am, Shaun had to drive all the way to Muar to pick the bride, receive the in-law's consent, and drive all the way back to Melaka. Love takes you everywhere!!

That's the car he drove to Muar..

Family shot!!

Geraldine and me.

What we all did in the groom's house...

And then in the evening at a chinese restaurant..

Chivas!! more the merrier!!

It must be the alcohol that makes us like that..

Parents were there so my intake was very limited haha!
But I had fun nonetheless, really look forward to next time seeing all my cousins again.

Till next time, be happy and GBU!

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