Monday, 28 July 2008

Bon Odori.

Fresh from the Genting trip and one hour of sleep, at reach home, unpacked my things, nap for an hour and then rushed out to meet my friends to go to Bon Odori.
About 4pm I reached Kimberly's house, and at 5.30 we drove to Matsushita Stadium where the event is held.
Walking into the entrance.

After getting nice parking spots, we walk to the entrance and get the free fan which is customary every year!
Still not THAT many people yet..

And 90% of the people are queuing up at the food and drinks stall, which makes it hard for hungry people like me to grab a bite. One of my objective going there is to get the wonderful Japanese Ice Cream! big and yummy~

Food and drinks.

Busy eating dinner till never notice the camera.

Me with my friend Su Ann who tumpang with me go there.

One ojisan bringing in customers.

And the highlight of the event is the dance along session to the traditional music led by beautiful girls in yukata!

The stage in the middle.

People dancing along.

There were 3 dancing sessions, and in between were performances such as:-

Notice the HUGE crowd behind.

Girls of the night.

Drum performance to conclude the event.

Leaving the stage and waving to everyone!

Can hear shouts from the guys to the girls clad in yukata "I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!" and etc etc. Tak tau malu betul lah...but I wanted to do that as well honestly...hehehe!
And this year there were more visitors then before, and is definately worth to go through the big sweaty crowd and have fun, looking forward for next year!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Cheng Swee Temple.

On the way down from Genting, my car decided to lepak at Cheng Swee Temple. They wanted to pray there, take a look around and buy some herbal eggs. It's just a short drive from the apartment we stayed and more then 20 times I went to Genting, I never actually went there before!

At the entrance.

The occupants of the Avanza that went to the temple except me of cause..

You know the story bout fairies who bath on Earth and one of them lost her robe and can't fly back to heaven? Thanks Mandy who reminded me about the tale...

Huge statue..

It's definately bigger than I expected that place is. The entrance is narrow but inside it is..HUGE!!! and there were a lot of visitors there as well. and the herbal egg definately tasted good! I had two for myself~! Thanks Ah Juan for belanja-ing me the eggs.

Family posing on a fake chinese chess board game with people!

Viss praying for good health and fortune.

Malaysia Next Top Models.

My current desktop background. Good eh? Staircase down to where we park the car. The Avanza is at the top right of the picture.

At last a group picture with me in it. Nice to meet with new friends~!

After a short while we head home. It is certainly cooling and relaxing there as well as there is a nice view from the top of the temple. A waste as I didn't walk up the Pagoda as there is no time. After the trip there I headed to Bon Odori! Story on it in the next post~

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Party of the YEAR!

A last minute party, a far away location at Genting, but in the end?it ALL worked out! KUDOS to those who layout and planned the party, one of the best in my pitiful life!
Anyways, friday after class at 4pm, we all set out to Genting which is the location of the party. A total of 5 cars went to the location to celebrate...

Mandy's birhday!! (The one on the right with red hair, on the left is dudu Ying Yi)

On the way to Genting....

The place we stay, Ria Apartments Selangor on the 15th Floor!

The incredible mist from the top.

Sham and me at the carpark. Wonder how he can stand the cold with only a tshirt...

Four of us in the car were the first to arrive there, so we take a walk to Highland Hotel to First World and to McDonalds for dinner.

Once the other car arrived, we start to prepare for the party by arranging the chairs, blow the balloons, set up the speakers.

Balloons and sound system at the back.

Once everyone arrived at 10pm, the party begins!

Mixing the liquor with coke, with some Chrystantenum water there???

Everyone got red and high real fast, and with the nice music, everyone started dancing, jumping, doing anything!!

The problem with drinking too much, you'll get WASTED!!!


Everyone started doing stupid things, saying stupid jokes, I can't remember much myself as I was practically dizzy most of the time...

Birthday cake.

After all the drinks enter out bladder, the older ones(as in the ones above 21) decided they want to enter the casino, so left the young ones who can't enter, to try their luck and enter, or just enjoy the cold air at 3 in the MORNING!! I'm surprised with the amount of vehicles at that time of the morning. There were plenty of visitors.

See See resting at Starbucks Highland Hotel.

So we rest and lepak at Starbucks for about an hour, before heading back to the apartment to sleep for the night.

BUT I CAN'T FREAKING sleep...I guess I drank too much coffee. As soon as sunrise, that's the only time I enter dreamland, so slept a total of 1.5 hours only.

To keep myself more awake,I had a COLD shower at 8am in the morning there, it works I swear to you.

The aftermath in the apartment. I pity the workers cleaning up the place later. hehehehe!

After checking out at 12pm, we left the apartment for home.

or so called..

Sham with a coke bottle chilled in the mist.

See See: Eh, your tongue very short ehh...
Ying Yi: Bleh.....

Pics outside the apartment.

After that all left for home and my car went instead to Cheng Swee Temple. More on it in the next post!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Sugar Rush.

I remember the time the only decent donuts you can find is from Dunkin Donuts (ignore the ones you find in bakery shop etc....). When you walk around the shopping complex till your legs kill you already, that is where I usually go and rest awhile.

Then comes J.Co and Big Apple which brings in unimaginable queue whole day round at certain location. The nice part is they actually show how they make the donuts and the FILLINGS as well!!


A small dream of mine is to jump into a pool of chocs, just like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!

ehem ehem, excuse me...anyways, I honestly think the varieties offer by J.Co and Big Apple is better and bigger, and the price is not bad also. But both have near similar offerings of flavors but I go to Big Apple near my place since there is NO queue!!muahhaha!

Does the colouring scares you???Not me though..

My fave is the third from the front!!

its purely guilty indulgence with high contents of sugar, but who cares anyway!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Uni's Rooftop and Parking

Over the 3 years in my uni, I NEVER went to my uni's rooftop before. Besides it is kawasan larangan for students (get caught there will get you in deep shit...), it is usually lock up. But my friend said that the lock is open, and anyone can go there and chill, at your own risk of course..
Some of the pics at the rooftop.

Sham saying "I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!"

The view facing north.

No one can guess this pic is taken at the rooptop..

At the rooptop you can see many tables, ciggerates boxes, newspaper. Looks like it is a lepak area for quite a number of people. But it is seriously hot up there, a good place to go after a cold freezing lesson in the comp lab or lecture hall!

And then the motorbike parking space, looks like the petrol price hike took its toll on 2 wheelers as well...

1 superbike, and many bicycles!

A video taken at the rooftop.

Next post is a SWEET one :-)