Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Uni's Rooftop and Parking

Over the 3 years in my uni, I NEVER went to my uni's rooftop before. Besides it is kawasan larangan for students (get caught there will get you in deep shit...), it is usually lock up. But my friend said that the lock is open, and anyone can go there and chill, at your own risk of course..
Some of the pics at the rooftop.

Sham saying "I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!"

The view facing north.

No one can guess this pic is taken at the rooptop..

At the rooptop you can see many tables, ciggerates boxes, newspaper. Looks like it is a lepak area for quite a number of people. But it is seriously hot up there, a good place to go after a cold freezing lesson in the comp lab or lecture hall!

And then the motorbike parking space, looks like the petrol price hike took its toll on 2 wheelers as well...

1 superbike, and many bicycles!

A video taken at the rooftop.

Next post is a SWEET one :-)

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Anonymous said...

Damn.. I tried a few dorrs before but all of it was locked.. Grrrr..
Lucky you..