Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Sugar Rush.

I remember the time the only decent donuts you can find is from Dunkin Donuts (ignore the ones you find in bakery shop etc....). When you walk around the shopping complex till your legs kill you already, that is where I usually go and rest awhile.

Then comes J.Co and Big Apple which brings in unimaginable queue whole day round at certain location. The nice part is they actually show how they make the donuts and the FILLINGS as well!!


A small dream of mine is to jump into a pool of chocs, just like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!

ehem ehem, excuse me...anyways, I honestly think the varieties offer by J.Co and Big Apple is better and bigger, and the price is not bad also. But both have near similar offerings of flavors but I go to Big Apple near my place since there is NO queue!!muahhaha!

Does the colouring scares you???Not me though..

My fave is the third from the front!!

its purely guilty indulgence with high contents of sugar, but who cares anyway!


damniel said...

haha im a chocoholic too!
anything chocolate is mmmm.....
the trade off is ur weight.

Mark Lam said...