Monday, 27 October 2008

Back to hometown.

And to celebrate the Deepavali holidays, my family and I decided to go back to our hometown, Melaka. It's been awhile since I go back there, and the supply of food there is definately UNLIMITED!

I guess Neo and friends open up a clinic after the Matrix trilogy...

Toll ticket on the way back, on 11.21am on 27 October.

Traffic is wayy lesser then expected, considering it is a public holiday.
Upon reaching, my aunty brought us to a great place to eat Satay, non-hala of course, with 60 cents a stick on satay.

With pork intestine, pork liver on the satay, is like no other satay place!

Then at night, we went to the Pirate Place, where it is a funfare and it is open for quite awhile already.

Ferris Wheel and Pirate Ship, the two main rides of the funfare.

There are other more hardcore rides but as we just had dinner, I don't plan to discharge the food with my mouth =)

Pictures taken in Ferris Wheel, I can't take pictures in the Pirate Ship for obvious reasons...

It's high up there...

Cousin sister and I with her glasses.

Then the following morning, my uncle from my mother's side who is in Melaka as well (I have been staying with my paternal grandparents place), brought us to buffet breakfast in Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

Chef frying my EGGS...TWO fried EGGS!

I gain more then 2KG in the 3 days stay here, eat on average 6 times a day, and not guilty about it, the food is too tempting, truly looking forward to go back kampung soon!!

Sis, Me, Cousin

Friday, 24 October 2008

Japanese Wedding!

**It's been a month since I updated, sorry as no ideas and no pics yet!**

So recently I attended my cousin's wedding in Melaka, my eldest cousin to get married and the first marriage among my cousin's, well done!!

Second Uncle, First Aunty, Bride's Mum and Dad, Grandma.

She is married to a Japanese dude named Shinichi Amari.

He is the editor of a local japanese english-languaged newspaper and they met on the job site apparently..not bad!

The wedding has a Japanese theme and it is held at Imperial Melaka.

Cousin's at reception table.

It is the only time beside's CNY where we can see all the relatives from my mother's side.

And the timing is good as my First Aunty just came from Canada.

The poser bride in a full HOT(as in literally..HOT) kimono, it is soo thick..

I am sitted on the front row just beside the main table and the food is great! before I can even take the pics, we have eaten all up =)

Wedding cake.

Close relatives.

Me, Grandma, Mum

A toast and YAM SENG moment.

The wedding ended well late at 11pm something, and my dad and I had to rush back to Subang Jaya as my dad has stuff and i got work the following day. Definately a great wedding, may they leabe happily ever after. you both play nice XD