Thursday, 31 May 2007

Rempit rempit!!

dei, dis song by JJ & Rudy by Hitz.fv NEVER fail to make me laugh or smirk.if u wan the song, i can send u through msn( here goes the lyrics!

Ah kereta kereta, Drift-drift-drift.

Here we go…

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor,
If you like it, come and try it,
Then you’ll really really know.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.
We’re not so Furiouuuus.

Eh, rush lagi, eh jalan sempit la.
Don’t you call me a Mat Rempit.
I’ll only go fast.. a lil’ bit,
Come in another road I go “Pit Pit”

Ampang, YEA!
Seramban, YEA!
I do superman, sedikit.
Mono crew boys, sepuluh cc.
All mat motor, I’m the VIP.

Many many cars all driving,
Cutting here and there, no signal-ing.
Scream-ing, scold-ing, honk-ing, speed-ing,
Non of them even look-ing.
I don’t want no pro-be-lem,
Need to get to work so please faham.
Turning, cutting, cilok-ing, TANK YOU!!
Hopefully I don’t get saman

Sepit udang sudah chrome,
Mudguard sudah chrome,
My chamber is buluh,
My motor is still slow.
MY kocek is kosong,
My paycheck take so long.
Tweaking, adding, exhaust, styling,
Money spending still going slow!

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor…
Haa la mak dude…Hold on.

“chi ko kok chi ke kok ki ke ko”

Break it down to BM, C’mon. (BM = Bahasa Malaysia = Malay Language)
All rite, here we go…here we go…
Anda sedia? Anda sedia?
Jaga - Jaga …bahaya!
Saya mau…. wan wan wan.
Apa takde nyanyi you?
Pasal saya tak fa-ha-ham

Ok ,habis already. Jom balik.
We’re giving a bad rap, Lets get out of here (say fast!)
Bringgg, Bringgg, Bringgggg, Brrrrringgg, Bringgggggg, Superman!!! Bringgg, BRINGGG, Superman!!! Bringgg, SUPERMAN!!!! (motorcycle sound)
PUA, PATAH KAKI~!! KEPALA MELETUP (random explosion follows)
(even more weird laughter) Muahahah, whats that dude?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


aiks..kena tag by ying ying.i so free go & see all the blogs including goes..

Layer 1: On the Outside
Name: Can see from my profile
Birth Date: 17/10/19XX
Current Status: Single & Available & Not Desperate
Eye Color: white on the outside
Hair Color: Botak

Layer 2: On the Inside
My Heritage: everything i own
My Fears: Needles & exams
My Weaknesses: See girls too much
My Perfect Pizza: FOC pizza

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My first thoughts waking up: 101 ways to kill an alarm clock
My bedtime: When i reply sms finish
My Most Missed Memory: Secondary school

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Grape
McDonald's or Burger King: Mamak stall...dei, now muz save money ok..
Single or Group Dates: GB???!!! Group
Adidas or Nike: Petaling Street cheap cheap shoes
Tea or Nestea: water
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee: da one wif more caffiien

Layer 5: Do You...
Smoke: smoke salmon, smoke chicken meat
Curse: !@#$%^&*...u tink leh?
Take a Shower: once a month
Have a Crush: of coz!crush aluminium can b4 recycle
Go to School: yes
Want to Get Married: i want celebrate Father's Day
Believe in Yourself: yes
You're a Health Freak: only one life, do anyting only.

Layer 6: In the Past
Drink Alcohol: yes. a bit lo b4 driving
Gone to the Mall: of coz!or else im naked without clothings.
Been on Stage: Yes
Eaten Sushi: Yes.
Dyed Your Hair: My hair still alive...havent dyed-ed

Layer 7: Have You Ever...
Played a Stripping Game: wish i had
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: never tot of it.

Layer 8: Age You're Hoping to...
Get Married: After 25

Layer 9: In a Girl
Best Eye Color: any color
Best Hair Color: any color
Short or Long Hair: any length..botak also can

Layer 10:
What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: doing this tag
An Hour Ago: at mamak
Four and a Half Hours ago: sleeping in lecture
A Month Ago: exam-ing
A Year Ago: wishing the word tag nvr exist so i wont be doing this..hehe!

Layer 11: Finish The Sentences
I love: to sleep
I feel: like sleeping
I hate:to not sleep
I hide: my snore
I miss: pillow & bed
I need: more sleep

Layer 12: Tag 4 People

anyone who wants to do this n hav too much time.
4 People

Saturday, 26 May 2007


hookers...wats da 1st thing dat come to ur mind?i bet u r thinking of something 'clean' such as prostitute or pelacur...

1.a person or thing that hooks.
2.Slang. prostitute.

Today i found da best hooker u can ever find in Subang Jaya!!Scroll down to see!










Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tan Kim Hock- Melaka Snack King

Last few weeks when I went to Melaka, im sure to go to Tan Kim Hock buliding to get some high quality-fattening snacks. its worth it i tell you..but quite mahal-lah

Da dude dat started everything.

Traditional snacks such as Dodol Durian, Sour Plum, Biskut Telinga etc all available at there!! and the way they arrange the delicacies make the place more....interesting.

makes you feel like buying everything huh...the MAIN purpose i actually enter the shop is to get the DODOL!

This wan is coconut flavor. I prefer the durian flavor. Bought a few boxes. Those who want dodol contact me, i have a few left in the fridge. a nice pic to end thus post...

TOILET is inside the car park!!!


Sunday, 20 May 2007

1000 Words in a Pic- Streets of MELAKA

beca wif angmoh riding in it..

Stadhuys Building. The flowers are da new decor to the building. ignore da fella at da middle...

Dataran Pahlawan McD wif height limit for drive-thru 2.3 metres..

SALE at Dataran Pahlawan..Shopping anyone??

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Dim Sum RUSH!!

On Mother's Day morning, i was in Melaka. so at 10.30am ,we all decided to hav brunch at a nearby dim sum restoran. It is to celebrate Mom's Day + Uncle's birthday + Grandma birthday!
(Pictures courtesy of my mom's Nokia 3230)

De Ocean House of Dim Sum..rite...

So at 10.30 u expect da place to be half empty wif lots of seatings n all da waiters/waitresses will treat u like a king.u r WRONG!!!!!!!! was beyond crowded. although no more table, people still keep coming in!(including me, of coz..). it was so bad dat we are given queuing numbers. u noe da bank?same thing here.when they call out ur number means u hav a place to sit. my grandma had to sit at da side waiting..da guy said dat it is 'super peak', mayb bcoz of mother's day.

at last we got a place to sit.took another 5 minit for sumone to come to clean da table n another 5 minit for sumone 2 take our order. but they use old-school method to serve dim sum, they push or carry a tray around n we juz take wat we want from da tray.

choosing da dim sum..

but doesn't mean dat da crowd is big da food they cook all chin chai chin chai wan.its damm gud wei! dun pray pray!

got kai kiok, fried carrot cake, fried wan ton, chee cheong fun, fried yam cake, etc...tasty! depanding on the size n type of da food, sum plate is rm1.60, rm 1.80, da most xpensive is rm 3.00. u noe Sushi King?same method of paying ur bill here-lah!haha.nex time muz go here again.

Monday, 14 May 2007

1000 Words in a Pic- PLUS Highway

On the way to Melaka........
(Pictures courtesy of my mom's Nokia 3230)

On the way home.........

wat da heck......

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mamak to Midnight

i was in Melaka da past weekend,so one 12am my uncles from Singapore n Serdang said they wan go eat outside, so we went to a Mamak stall.
(Pictures courtesy of my uncle's Sony Ericsson K610i)

Looks very ordinary yah...

But actually, dis mamak is DIRECTLY beside a Malay graveyard! gasps!it truly adds to the flavor of the food served der. Surprising though, at least half of the stall is full wif customers n my uncle said da stall had been in business for quite sumtime. Blessings from da afterlife?

mati nasi lemak

da nasi lemak has 'xtra' flavoring in der made out of kangkung n a 'mata kerbau'.

my uncle n I eating. bhind da zinc foil at my back is da CEMETERY! See the cups?reminds me of my home.

We also order mee rojak (Seen wif my uncle digging it). My first time sadly trying it. not bad at all.

My uncle Toyota Unser at da left side of da picture, park juz bside da cemetery. before we left a parking attendant ask for the parking payment, he( or it) ask us to pay quickly bcoz he wants to 'sleep". Believe it?

Friday, 11 May 2007

Mother's Day Dinner~

Once a year we all celebrate Mother's Day. Bring them to treats, buy (cosmetics) stuffs, etc. I bring my mom n family to Sheraton Hotel Subang for dinner (Of coz i didnt pay for da whole thing,ill b broke.juz partially)

I ate at a restoran(4got da name adi..sori) at da lower floor. i didnt really bother bout da name anyway, was too engross on da food.hehe. eat a lil da whole day so i could really whack da buffet at da restoran.

Da layout of the restoran. its da second time i dine der,i juz luv da food der. but of coz only eat der on special occasions, aint hav da cash to eat der often. So its table for 4 on buffet dinner.

I got two complimentary tickets which means two of us dine for free n da membership card which means its 50% discount. so 4 of us for da price of ONE.haha! it comes wif a complimentary Cheese Cake also. Like all buffets, it serves western n eastern food, from briyani to sushi to lamb chop to choc dip.

CHOCO DIP! Purely guilty indulgence.hehe.when we 1st started eating da place was about 3-4 tables full but afta an hour,it was hald full wif 60% if the customers r angmohs. Most of the female speaking in an accent which make hearing wayyyyy difficult for us.

it was a waste they didnt serve ice cream though, juz plenty of cakes n majority of them r made of CHOCS. Death by Chocolate, dats da best term for dis situation. took all da pics afta finishing 5 plates of good food.yummy..didnt take pics of da food on my plates though. before i can take da pics, its all gone. wonder why....hmm?any answers?

Petrol to go to Sheraton: RM 9.00
Payment for buffet: Rm 84.76(after tax etc)
A great dinner wif family: PRICELESS : )

A Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out der! We all need a small dose of ur nagging n worries n plenty of ur love.


Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nokia 5200 Preview

Recently my sis got a new hp to replace her old-age-good-condition Nokia 3120

3120 and 5200

5200 is famous as one of the few hp models created by Nokia mainly for music purposes aiming at youngsters. This slide-up phone comes in 3 colors; red,blue n grey. It has a dedicated music button:

The music button,when u press it, it will play the current track on the Music Player. The sound system is definately good n loud since..well,its a music phone.At maximum volume i can hear it from upstairs! Its screen is 262,144 colors true color CSTN display.Its nice to see but not da best in da market.

screen wif Sasuke theme.hehe.

The keypad is da usual 12 key keypad wif a 4-way directional keypas in the top, answer n canceling call button,n the accept n exit keys.

wif cool blue LED lights

on the side theres the shutter key for the VGA camera wif 4x digital zoom n the volume up n down key. It can increase the volume of ur ringing tone or da Music Player. It is very convenient to the user although da button is hard to press;maybe its still new.hehe!

Shutter key, volume - and +

The picture quality is juz so-so.Since it is made for the music, it is no wonder Nokia didn't pay much attention on the quality of the camera. A sample picture:

Canon is readable, the Alt & Ctrl keys readable.

With an expansion slot of microSD card to up to 2GB, u can plenty of songs although the microSD card is sold separately,it is not bundled together wif the set. It has a USB post hub at the top of the phone,so it is easy to connect to a comp. It is GPRS enabled. Wif Bluetooth n the rare IrDA(Infrared) port, transferring music is made easier n wireless handsfree device can b connected easily. Overall the hp is a gud buy within the rm600 budget line. If you r a user who wants a entry-level music phone with expansion slot n average camera,dis is da one for u. Click here to know more details of these phone from the official Nokia website.