Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tan Kim Hock- Melaka Snack King

Last few weeks when I went to Melaka, im sure to go to Tan Kim Hock buliding to get some high quality-fattening snacks. its worth it i tell you..but quite mahal-lah

Da dude dat started everything.

Traditional snacks such as Dodol Durian, Sour Plum, Biskut Telinga etc all available at there!! and the way they arrange the delicacies make the place more....interesting.

makes you feel like buying everything huh...the MAIN purpose i actually enter the shop is to get the DODOL!

This wan is coconut flavor. I prefer the durian flavor. Bought a few boxes. Those who want dodol contact me, i have a few left in the fridge. a nice pic to end thus post...

TOILET is inside the car park!!!


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