Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Dim Sum RUSH!!

On Mother's Day morning, i was in Melaka. so at 10.30am ,we all decided to hav brunch at a nearby dim sum restoran. It is to celebrate Mom's Day + Uncle's birthday + Grandma birthday!
(Pictures courtesy of my mom's Nokia 3230)

De Ocean House of Dim Sum..rite...

So at 10.30 u expect da place to be half empty wif lots of seatings n all da waiters/waitresses will treat u like a king.u r WRONG!!!!!!!!

wohh...it was beyond crowded. although no more table, people still keep coming in!(including me, of coz..). it was so bad dat we are given queuing numbers. u noe da bank?same thing here.when they call out ur number means u hav a place to sit. my grandma had to sit at da side waiting..da guy said dat it is 'super peak', mayb bcoz of mother's day.

at last we got a place to sit.took another 5 minit for sumone to come to clean da table n another 5 minit for sumone 2 take our order. but they use old-school method to serve dim sum, they push or carry a tray around n we juz take wat we want from da tray.

choosing da dim sum..

but doesn't mean dat da crowd is big da food they cook all chin chai chin chai wan.its damm gud wei! dun pray pray!

got kai kiok, fried carrot cake, fried wan ton, chee cheong fun, fried yam cake, etc...tasty! depanding on the size n type of da food, sum plate is rm1.60, rm 1.80, da most xpensive is rm 3.00. u noe Sushi King?same method of paying ur bill here-lah!haha.nex time muz go here again.

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