Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Big Mac~!

I think most of you heard of and know bout the latest free craze, the free mighty BIG MAC!

4 Big Macs, all FOC

And maybe most of you have already done and rap the chant. If you are an Asian living in Malaysia or Singapore and a product you see is FREE, you are definately game for it!

Darren so sick of Big Mac

you only have to say this :- twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun in 4 LONG seconds.
Did I say it too fast?it is:-

so far all the attempts my friends and I did, it is all successful. Who wanna go McD with me between 3-8pm?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cheap VS Expensive,

Now I strongly believe that more expensive product really have the impact on quality! I shall do comparison based on my....


A view of my wall fan without all the accessories.

My mum told me that it was dirty and need some washing. So I dismantle it gently and the knob supporting this:

to the main body broke into pieces. This picture is taken after it broke down. My previous fan was Sanyo and after using it for a good 10+ years, the knob never broke yet BUT this one, which I got it for a bargain from Carrefour, broke after less then a year!

So how now? Have to rely on my aircon then to cool the room. The wall fan is still in use but it is quite...dangerous.

I'll take the current picture of the fan soon.

Moral of the story, don't get cheap made in China goods!no quality!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Day When Mum's Get More Attention Then Usual!

*You know what feel's better then winning a lottery and as good as celebrating Mother's Day with family?Passing all your papers!!*

You know the day is coming when you see:-


Osim advertisement asking viewers to buy the massage chair you see on TV.

Then my mum will say "ya hor, these days my back always pain, must get one of this chair." Means if never show this advertisement she won't realize that?haha!anyways there are cheaper alternative, such as my sister strong hands to massage!

TWO - The Star have special pull-out JUST for Mother's Day.
THREE - Florist and Chocolate Shop are often restocking.
FOUR - Western Restaurant are preparing special Mother's Day menu with such incredible price...the MORE you pay, the MORE you sayang your mum?hmm...I don't know..

Anyways, since Mother's Day fall on a Sunday, so in the morning I went church for service and then tuition in the afternoon, so dinner only can celebrate. And with the knowledge that Pyramid, 1U, Midvalley SURE full house, we go to the place sure empty wan...SUMMIT USJ!!

My family head to:-

for dinner.

My mum ordered this special hot chocolate thingy.

After stirring it!

And after that no more pics as I was too hungry and the thought of taking pics of the food NEVER cross my mind. Anyway I paid for the dinner and dessert afterwards as my sis and dad had bought my mum thermos flask already.

It was a rare occasion as my dad who is usually quiet was talking and laughing a lot!And that make me talk more and my mum and sis talk MORE MORE! I think we were the noisiest table.

After some shopping for snacks and groceries, we head home and watch TV and sleep.

The moral of the story, keep your money and spend it all one day to your mum! You should treat your mum nice no matter what day of the year is and it's better if it involves money sincerity!

Guess what's that?

All pics taken with this

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fire in the hole!

*sorry for the no update the pass....3 months??this semester is the worst yet, pushing the limits!!*

Few days ago, as I was sleeping soundly early in the morning, suddenly I heard noises from outside the house. I ran to the window, and I saw A LOT of aunties standing in a group, chattering and pointing at something.

It seems one of the neighbour's house is on FIRE!And the house is slightly behind Wilson's house. Wonder did he notice or smell anything funny...

My mum was among the aunties there chattering about, I quickly rush down and ask my mum what was it?She say they saw smoke coming out of the house. And I saw a small pick-up lorry with 4 guys in thick clothings spraying water. And the two neighbour at both side of the house all spray water themselves. They ain't want to burn down their house as well!!

Then few minutes later, a firetruck came and everything was under control. The house still looks good from the outside though. Not so serious I presume.

The owner of the house sells nasi lemak in the morning. And apparently when they set out to sell, they forgot to off the fire on the stove and left something boiling (presuming is Sambal). Then the sambal got overboiled and got too hot (hot as in hot, not pedas) and you know the rest of the story.

In the end nothing major happened. The owner returns and the neighbours explain what happened and all back to normal.Fin.