Wednesday, 30 January 2008

1 night in Port Dickson

It was a really random trip to Port Dickson as it was the middle of class week and the annoucement of Thaipusam is a public holiday for PJ and KL on a normal wednesday.
So a few of my coursemates and I move out to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Li Sian cooling down with ice cream when the journey started.

The journey from PJ to PD took bout 1 hour plus.
We use two cars with 9 passengers to go to PD.
To be honest, it has been more then 4 years since the last time I went to a beach.

The empty beach on a tuesday afternoon.

So we change and start to thrash the beach~!

Liew kicking ball on the beach.

The low tide waters.

Li Sian bracing the wind.

The girls.

Jumping for joy at the beach~!

The beach crew except ME!

Beach in the dusk.

Beautiful CLEAN PD beach surprisingly...

After playing in the waters at 4pm till dusk and getting some quantity of sunburn on my skin, we decided to stay there for the night.
That part wasn't in our plan as we thought is a one day trip.
So we found a hotel room to accomodate 9 of us at Tiara Beach Resort.

Top photographer.

Playing cards in the room.

ONE catch though. We got the room for a price of RM120 a night which is a steal BUT that room have 8 giant cockroaches, one of them even went on my head!!

We had dinner at 11.30pm near the beach, the price of the food there is slightly cheaper then KL rates and taste as good. The boss of the stall talk to us and recommend places to go at night. He said one of the beach have naked girls dancing and samba-ing at night! Of course we as good students didn't go and watch the 'free' show.

The hotel has a build in water park!as good as Lagoon.

Round 2 card game the next morning.

After killing more cockroach and packing up our bags, we leave the apartment and head to Seremban town.

Leaving the hotel.

Throwing bags into Liew's car.

We even have time to check out another beach before we go to Seremban.

Blue Lagoon beach.

It is said the beach has 3 layers/tones of blue on the seawater, and I have to say it is CORRECT. the seawater HAS 3 shades of blue!that uber nice.

Choi Yok, See See, Mandy, Sham, Andrew, Me, Li Sian, Liew, Looi. Magnificent 9!!

After eating at Seremban, we head back home to PJ. The previous night we all have less then 2-3 hours of sleep, so we were all near dead when we drove home, so we had to keep our drivers up and awake.

Back to school the next pooper..

Get aside of troubles and stress and enjoy!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Food galore.

-Yes, from the title, readers are expected to see a few pics on food, so for those for are dying of hunger right now, take a bowl and put under your chin so that your drool will not drop someplace else, thank you for your cooperation..-

On New Year Eve (Yesh, that is like centuries ago...) my family and I decided to eat in Marche, Curve. It is our first experience there, excluding my sis who ate with her company there before.

The ordering style in Marche is like-no-other!!There are many stalls in the restaurant itself. You are given a card and every food you order, they will chop your card once with the type of food and stall number.

With so many stalls to visit, of course we are spoiled of choice. BUT the prices there are very incredible as well, so that makes the food choice easier :-)

Inside is spacious and it makes you feel like you are in a uber modern market with tables and chair everywhere.

Potato corner.

Fried Potatoes.

This one is a MUST try if you go there. at only Rm7.90 per plate (which is cheap at Marche standards), it taste like heaven and the price wont bring you to debt of hell!!!

Drinks corner.

Poultry and Meat section.

In case you get lost in Marche. It is quite big inside.

After ordering the meals and get your card chopped, you just go back to your seats, wait for 5-10 minutes you just go back and collect your meal.

ABC. A Big Cow...Ais Batu Campur.

Turkey Ham with Black Pepper Sauce.

Roast Half Bird with Cranberry Sauce.

There are pizza as well, seafood etc. And there is also a bar inside, but no alcohol please, later can't countdown and will suffer from hangovers!

Fresh fruit juice.

Overall the flavour and quality is excellent. 4 of us eat with a total of RM78, which is not bad at all.

Definitely will come back in the near future to enjoy it again!!

I'll end the post with a pic of the Mascot with an accidental model.

Red Cow with my cow sister(Born in year of the Ox).

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Results day.

I went back to my old secondary school on December to witness a once a lifetime thing.

What other time students will queue up nicely and by themselves?

In assembly or in the canteen, they are forced to do so, this one, they instantly queue up.

its PMR results day

YES YES...I am 20 already and what the heck I'm doing there right? I followed my neighbour/student to school and collect the results.

By the time I reach the school, the crowd was unbelievable.

During my year, which was 2003, the results was by approx 9.30. This time around, it was at 10.43.

"Aiyoh, fasterlah find my paperrrrrrrr!"

And I'm also surprise with the amount of parents turned up to see the results as well.

"My son SURE do better then yours wannn!"
"Oh yeah?!"

"If he didn't do well..HMMPH!NO MORE PS2 YOUNG MAN!!"

All the nervous faces

I heard a few loud shouts, guys hitting each other as a sign of congratulations. and of cause there were tears and NO one takes pictures of people crying. it is just so....bad.

Anticipating crowd.

Sometimes I wonder, the students or the parents more anxious/gan jeong?

If PMR this teruk, then next time SPM how?bring ambulance all along ahh?
A very worried Su Ann.

Anyways, congrats to those who score all As, those who score beyond their expectation and those who are happy with their results, no matter what it is.
and to those who didn't do so well, SO WHAT!It's just PMR.
Next time SPM then you know the meaning of pressure!

Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year '08!

As we all know, we just enter the year of 2008. The one thing many people look forward to is 08/08/08, which is about 8 months later.

We are wondering how many couples will get married that day???888 couples??

or people that day all go high in gambling!

Anyways, I was in Curve, Damansara to countdown and celebrate the new year with my family.

We booked a room at Royale Bintang, it's tiring to come back after countdown, and i want to be there for the after party!!

Watch Spongebob after lunch at Marche(next post!!)

And it was the 31st since it's New Year Eve, so head to Baskin Robbins for dessert!

The long,long queue, not as bad as Taipan though.

There were two stages set up for countdown, one is at Laundry Bar, you have to be a customer to celebrate along, and no way my family and I drink booze all the way to New Year, so we went to the second stage which is set up in between Ikea and Curve.

Among the first performers, a group of people playing pipes!

Here's the video.It's seriously nice to hear.

As the night grow darker, the crowd grow larger!From the hotel room you can see the congested road.

The white lights are the car headlights heading towards Curve.

There were also 'snow' show at the open Street of Curve. It's actually bubbles and foams, not ice.

Dashing through the snow, on an open sleigh..

There were also Lion Dance performance outside the hotel, I got the chance to see the MD of the hotel as well, greeting the lion dance performance and ushering them in to the hotel.

Create the CNY spirit!

The crowd at the Street of Curve.At the foreground is the party ground of Laundry Bar.

The still empty stage because it's only 9.41pm that time.







2 hours later...........

!!!!that is only a quarter of the crowd..more behind and MORE at the other stage.

Spraying foam. Some of it ended up on my camera lens..dammit..

Then it was time for countdown!3!2!1!happy new year!!

Some of the fireworks.

The celebration lasted till 3am in the morning. I was too tired so I went up to the room at 2am, and slept till morning.

The floor was full of spray cans morning..clean as new!Malaysia memang BOLEH in sapu-ing the floor.

Happy new year all!!!What's your resolution for 2008?

The countdown video, enjoy it!!