Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year '08!

As we all know, we just enter the year of 2008. The one thing many people look forward to is 08/08/08, which is about 8 months later.

We are wondering how many couples will get married that day???888 couples??

or people that day all go high in gambling!

Anyways, I was in Curve, Damansara to countdown and celebrate the new year with my family.

We booked a room at Royale Bintang, it's tiring to come back after countdown, and i want to be there for the after party!!

Watch Spongebob after lunch at Marche(next post!!)

And it was the 31st since it's New Year Eve, so head to Baskin Robbins for dessert!

The long,long queue, not as bad as Taipan though.

There were two stages set up for countdown, one is at Laundry Bar, you have to be a customer to celebrate along, and no way my family and I drink booze all the way to New Year, so we went to the second stage which is set up in between Ikea and Curve.

Among the first performers, a group of people playing pipes!

Here's the video.It's seriously nice to hear.

As the night grow darker, the crowd grow larger!From the hotel room you can see the congested road.

The white lights are the car headlights heading towards Curve.

There were also 'snow' show at the open Street of Curve. It's actually bubbles and foams, not ice.

Dashing through the snow, on an open sleigh..

There were also Lion Dance performance outside the hotel, I got the chance to see the MD of the hotel as well, greeting the lion dance performance and ushering them in to the hotel.

Create the CNY spirit!

The crowd at the Street of Curve.At the foreground is the party ground of Laundry Bar.

The still empty stage because it's only 9.41pm that time.







2 hours later...........

!!!!that is only a quarter of the crowd..more behind and MORE at the other stage.

Spraying foam. Some of it ended up on my camera lens..dammit..

Then it was time for countdown!3!2!1!happy new year!!

Some of the fireworks.

The celebration lasted till 3am in the morning. I was too tired so I went up to the room at 2am, and slept till morning.

The floor was full of spray cans morning..clean as new!Malaysia memang BOLEH in sapu-ing the floor.

Happy new year all!!!What's your resolution for 2008?

The countdown video, enjoy it!!


\/\/ i L L y said...

whoa...u took that vid at ground zero..? they'll FOAM u to hell man!!
i salute u...

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