Sunday, 20 January 2008

Food galore.

-Yes, from the title, readers are expected to see a few pics on food, so for those for are dying of hunger right now, take a bowl and put under your chin so that your drool will not drop someplace else, thank you for your cooperation..-

On New Year Eve (Yesh, that is like centuries ago...) my family and I decided to eat in Marche, Curve. It is our first experience there, excluding my sis who ate with her company there before.

The ordering style in Marche is like-no-other!!There are many stalls in the restaurant itself. You are given a card and every food you order, they will chop your card once with the type of food and stall number.

With so many stalls to visit, of course we are spoiled of choice. BUT the prices there are very incredible as well, so that makes the food choice easier :-)

Inside is spacious and it makes you feel like you are in a uber modern market with tables and chair everywhere.

Potato corner.

Fried Potatoes.

This one is a MUST try if you go there. at only Rm7.90 per plate (which is cheap at Marche standards), it taste like heaven and the price wont bring you to debt of hell!!!

Drinks corner.

Poultry and Meat section.

In case you get lost in Marche. It is quite big inside.

After ordering the meals and get your card chopped, you just go back to your seats, wait for 5-10 minutes you just go back and collect your meal.

ABC. A Big Cow...Ais Batu Campur.

Turkey Ham with Black Pepper Sauce.

Roast Half Bird with Cranberry Sauce.

There are pizza as well, seafood etc. And there is also a bar inside, but no alcohol please, later can't countdown and will suffer from hangovers!

Fresh fruit juice.

Overall the flavour and quality is excellent. 4 of us eat with a total of RM78, which is not bad at all.

Definitely will come back in the near future to enjoy it again!!

I'll end the post with a pic of the Mascot with an accidental model.

Red Cow with my cow sister(Born in year of the Ox).

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