Saturday, 29 December 2007

Youth Christmas Dinner + Christmas Morning

On the 22nd December, the youth of my church celebrated the annual Youth Xmas Dinner. Everyone had to bring our own food (Something like a pot luck), I brought Watermelons, ALOT of them. I'm surprised it finish after an hour!

Accidental model Chi Tatt.

From Spaghetti to Nuggets to Pumpkin Pie, all are snapped in an instant, I guess Youth members could be future chefs (or maybe their parents/maids).

And the person that manage the food is none other then Ee Laine

Guess how old is she..

And there are gift exchange with RM5 as a minimum budget. I wrap a stack of blank Sony CD-Rs and guess what I got in return..

....No comments...WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!

After meal, it was time for Praise and Woship.

Then it was a special presentation by the sisters of the youth.

They sing so good, you could cry, seriously!!

Then it was drama time. Let me bring you to backstage and behind the scenes before the drama.

Me as Joseph.

Rudolph Samuel & me.

Rehearsing..In the process.

Then it was a short but very very meaningful speech by the pastor on the meaning of Christmas among the Youths.

Group pic!!

It's nice some members from EMUSJ drop by as well!


It is the BIG day at last!Christmas Morning!!

The choir people must wear red formal with tie, we were thankful for that as it was quite cold in the church!

The crowd.

Leading the service.

After Praise and Worship, it was a special sermon by the pastor with the title 'The Gift'.
It is about the gift of Jesus to everyone, but some has decline it, some has receive it BUT never open and understand it. So, it's up to us to do the next step.

Drama by the kids on the birth of Jesus.

Three wiseman from the East.

Once the drama ended, it was choir time! No one took video/pics of us as all the youth went up and sing, no one else to ask to take our pics...

Then the morning service has ended and everyone go home and get ready for Christmas Dinner!On it next post!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Day before Christmas.

The night before Christmas, my friends and I went to EMUSJ to countdown!

Mr.Forgot already and Pastor Yu Hoo.

The church is somewhere at USJ1, I sure get lost finding it. Thanks to Zhanwei who bring us there.

The first thing I notice is the amount of CHILDREN in the church.WAUU!!they are nearly as many as the adults but twice the NOISE!

Thankfully I still can listen to what the Pastor is saying.
There is a skit as well, i didn't record it, but it kinda made me a little teary eyed, it was so meaningful. I regret I didn't record it.

It was about human temptation to avoid the presence of God with earthly things e.g Cash, Fame etc. They way they act very effective.

After all that, its food time!!

From Siu Mai to nyonya food to kuih to Mamak food. No more food pics so none will get hungry reading this.

And Christmas is not complete without gift exchange!

That's my hand modelling, but that's NOT my gift though.

Minimum budget is RM15 for the gift.

Children waiting for the gifts!

Official photographer of the night, Ying Wei with his D80.

-Thanks to Ying Wei and his assistant for the some pics for this post-

Me & Yu En at the gift exchange corner.

I got a Santa Decor to put on the table, I gave away a BIG Christmas Stocking.

And once it was all done, it was 11.58, we rush down and wait for the countdown!

After that, we went home and rest for the actual day events. Story on it next post!!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Everywhere!!

As you can see, when you go shopping complexes, the decoration depends on what celebration we are currently celebrating.

There is NO hanging cows anywhere in the shopping complex, that will only drive visitors away, not bringing them in!! Hari Raya Haji not so major as Christmas you see...

What the cow I'm doing here???!!

So, 25th is coming near and shopping complexes are putting up decors, and very beautiful ones indeed.

At 1 Utama.

At Pavilion

The lights keep changing colours and it is very beautiful and peaceful indeed!!

And there was spiral stairs on the tree.

Bought presents to exchange with friends already?Told Santa you have been good the whole year round?hehe!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Flying Music.

On the way to Pavilion Bukit Bintang with my friends, we saw this unusual sight.

Notice the black vehicle in front?Take a closer look...

Anything wrong?Let me put up a clearer and bigger image.

Spot it already? Here is the thing.










Dangling earphones!!!

We notice something was banging on the road and swinging like mad, when we all look down (except the driver, of course) we notice the earphones.

Imagine us waving like mad to the car and inform the female driver on her precious earphones which she take good care off.

We were good citizens for the day. Malaysians helping Malaysians!

More on Pavilion next post~!

-In a happy dilemma-

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Battle of the Bands.

Thanks to my buddy Li Sian who happens to be working for MYC Magazine who is one of the organizer behind the Battle of the Bands, I easily get the free tickets entry.

Mister Potato is the main sponsor.

The competition works this way, 302 bands audition for it, and the best 8 is selected for the competition.

The location is at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and it starts at 5pm....

Or so it says. I was at Pyramid by 11am watching Golden Compass and having lunch there. The movie is JUST ok..give it 6/10 for it. Most of the scenes are rushed too fast, when a character died etc, the next thing you know, its a WHOLE new location.

The thing is..the event haven't even started when its 5.45pm. Typical Malaysian timing. And the main reason I go there is to see the guest appearances, not the bands.

Here come the DUMB part, I brought mu fully charged camera, which I charged it overnight and i left my SD CARD at home!!!I can't take a single shot..Thanks to Wilson for the camera.

The charity tents.

The final 8 bands sponsor 8 charities all over Malaysia with the champion making the charity they sponsor a fat RM4000 richer!! It goes with the theme of the competition- Operation Just Cause.

Waiting for it to start.

I saw the gorgeous,hot, nose-bleeding-me Hannah Tan there, no pics of her though. Don't have the balls guts to ask her for a pic. Too many guys surrounding her.

The building crowd. Babes alert!

Once the event kicks off with the performance of establish bands, more people and babes start coming in.

And guess who I saw?

Keat, me, kennysia.

Yup, Kenny Sia is THAT short. And big also. He is one of the guest judge and he is super busy taking pics and being interviewed by a lot of people.

By 7pm.

"Visit Malaysia 2007". Those are the words on the bridge. In 2 weeks its 2008 hello!!

Before the competition can start I left the place because we knew that the performance will not be that great based on past experience. Overall it was ok but I doubt I will go next year again.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Grand Concerto.

Last month was a month of concerts and of cause my wallet size won't let me to go all of them. Thankfully my sis pay for me 80% for one of the concert, and the concert is DBSK concert!!

VVIP Right ok!!!cost me a bomb..

For those who dunno them, they are actually 5 Korean guys who sings all kind of songs, from fast paced dance songs, to slow acapella songs.

L-R - Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know.

Don't ask me how I know all their names. Since I'm the only sibling other then my sis, she talk to me bout them soooo often till I know them well. And I have to say some of their songs are nice to the ears as well.

The seatings.

I went with my main sponsor, my sis and her friend Ching Lee. We were surprise with the crowd when we arrive there...

The big RED crowd.

Red is their official colour, I also dunno why. I went there wearing blue, so I felt a lil left out.Hehe!A total of a whopping 11000+ fans came to the concert!!!and the ratio of guys to girls is 1:200. So plenty of eye candy for me!!

The fans come from ALL ages, from young kids to AUNTIES??!!!Most of the aunties are from JAPAN, come all the way to hot Malaysia to support their fave Korean boy group. When I say aunty, I mean they are very old. I don't think SK-II can save their skin also..

Spot the aunty. *Hint* The oldest looking one!

Unfortunately a lot of clams/la-la there, so...I try not to see the girls already. No cameras are allowed once you enter the stadium, so all pictures after this are taken with great risk and the camera stands a chance to be "rampas" by the security.

Ching Lee and me. She is taller then me actually..she stands at 1.82m!

The stage. In front is the Pit Zone, it's Free Standing.

Outside the stadium, there are large speakers running on their songs, and all the fans went nutz with every song played, and that is before they see them perform. I wonder how will they react when they see them later...

Their concert this year focuses more on spreading the message of Make Love, No War. Their main song of the concert, 'O'-정.반.합.(正.反.合.), also have anti-war message inside.

Dancing to the beat.

They sang songs from their first album to their current album. Unfortunately, their leader, U-Know injured his back few months back, so most of the dance performances he didn't participate.

Some of the props they use.

The elevated stage.

The stage was spinning slowly, so we can take from a different angle.

Hero singing in the spotlight.

Overall, the concert lasted a good 3 hours, its worth every buck I(and my sister) spend. They provided good entertainment, they perform live very very brilliantly. The only thing that spoils everything is that the girl who sits in front of me keeps on blocking my view with her BIG banner and she keeps shouting their name although they stand million of miles away from her...


I'm definately going to their concert again next year, if they come again and my sis sponsor me the ticket again.HEHE! And now I know how is the sound of 11000 screaming fans.