Saturday, 29 December 2007

Youth Christmas Dinner + Christmas Morning

On the 22nd December, the youth of my church celebrated the annual Youth Xmas Dinner. Everyone had to bring our own food (Something like a pot luck), I brought Watermelons, ALOT of them. I'm surprised it finish after an hour!

Accidental model Chi Tatt.

From Spaghetti to Nuggets to Pumpkin Pie, all are snapped in an instant, I guess Youth members could be future chefs (or maybe their parents/maids).

And the person that manage the food is none other then Ee Laine

Guess how old is she..

And there are gift exchange with RM5 as a minimum budget. I wrap a stack of blank Sony CD-Rs and guess what I got in return..

....No comments...WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!

After meal, it was time for Praise and Woship.

Then it was a special presentation by the sisters of the youth.

They sing so good, you could cry, seriously!!

Then it was drama time. Let me bring you to backstage and behind the scenes before the drama.

Me as Joseph.

Rudolph Samuel & me.

Rehearsing..In the process.

Then it was a short but very very meaningful speech by the pastor on the meaning of Christmas among the Youths.

Group pic!!

It's nice some members from EMUSJ drop by as well!


It is the BIG day at last!Christmas Morning!!

The choir people must wear red formal with tie, we were thankful for that as it was quite cold in the church!

The crowd.

Leading the service.

After Praise and Worship, it was a special sermon by the pastor with the title 'The Gift'.
It is about the gift of Jesus to everyone, but some has decline it, some has receive it BUT never open and understand it. So, it's up to us to do the next step.

Drama by the kids on the birth of Jesus.

Three wiseman from the East.

Once the drama ended, it was choir time! No one took video/pics of us as all the youth went up and sing, no one else to ask to take our pics...

Then the morning service has ended and everyone go home and get ready for Christmas Dinner!On it next post!!

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