Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Grand Concerto.

Last month was a month of concerts and of cause my wallet size won't let me to go all of them. Thankfully my sis pay for me 80% for one of the concert, and the concert is DBSK concert!!

VVIP Right ok!!!cost me a bomb..

For those who dunno them, they are actually 5 Korean guys who sings all kind of songs, from fast paced dance songs, to slow acapella songs.

L-R - Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know.

Don't ask me how I know all their names. Since I'm the only sibling other then my sis, she talk to me bout them soooo often till I know them well. And I have to say some of their songs are nice to the ears as well.

The seatings.

I went with my main sponsor, my sis and her friend Ching Lee. We were surprise with the crowd when we arrive there...

The big RED crowd.

Red is their official colour, I also dunno why. I went there wearing blue, so I felt a lil left out.Hehe!A total of a whopping 11000+ fans came to the concert!!!and the ratio of guys to girls is 1:200. So plenty of eye candy for me!!

The fans come from ALL ages, from young kids to AUNTIES??!!!Most of the aunties are from JAPAN, come all the way to hot Malaysia to support their fave Korean boy group. When I say aunty, I mean they are very old. I don't think SK-II can save their skin also..

Spot the aunty. *Hint* The oldest looking one!

Unfortunately a lot of clams/la-la there, so...I try not to see the girls already. No cameras are allowed once you enter the stadium, so all pictures after this are taken with great risk and the camera stands a chance to be "rampas" by the security.

Ching Lee and me. She is taller then me actually..she stands at 1.82m!

The stage. In front is the Pit Zone, it's Free Standing.

Outside the stadium, there are large speakers running on their songs, and all the fans went nutz with every song played, and that is before they see them perform. I wonder how will they react when they see them later...

Their concert this year focuses more on spreading the message of Make Love, No War. Their main song of the concert, 'O'-정.반.합.(正.反.合.), also have anti-war message inside.

Dancing to the beat.

They sang songs from their first album to their current album. Unfortunately, their leader, U-Know injured his back few months back, so most of the dance performances he didn't participate.

Some of the props they use.

The elevated stage.

The stage was spinning slowly, so we can take from a different angle.

Hero singing in the spotlight.

Overall, the concert lasted a good 3 hours, its worth every buck I(and my sister) spend. They provided good entertainment, they perform live very very brilliantly. The only thing that spoils everything is that the girl who sits in front of me keeps on blocking my view with her BIG banner and she keeps shouting their name although they stand million of miles away from her...


I'm definately going to their concert again next year, if they come again and my sis sponsor me the ticket again.HEHE! And now I know how is the sound of 11000 screaming fans.