Friday, 7 December 2007

Take it out for a ride.

Leaving my phone at home, it will just rot into dust, so I took it out to test it's camera(CMOS 2.0MP) and WiFi.

Playing with colours.

With proper lightings you can get decent images, and zooming it in you can still read the brand of the oranges.

You can (of course) change the size of the pictures from the largest 1600 X 1200 (2MP) to the smallest 165 X 125.

You get sharp coloured images. It works like a typical digital camera, and it has the same flaws with digicam as well.

In the dark/dimly lit places, images produced tend to be blurred/yellowed/noise pictures.

The tiny flash on it doesn't help much.

So tiny flash.

As long as the object is 1-2 feet away, then it works.

At least now I can find my seat easier in the cinema!and if I lost anything in the middle of the night, I can find it with the light.

It can zoom up to 4 times, and the same theory works here like digicam. When you zoom into an image, it actually crop up the picture at no zoom and digitally burst/expand it, so pixelation is inevitable.

From top: 1X, 2X, 4X.

At the camera lens you swtich from normal mode to macro mode with flick of a button.

My digicam Macro function spoiled already, sorry for the blur close up image.

The stick which you can push up and down change its settings.

A test on the Macro mode.

Curry chicken

Ice Cream at Gardens.

It comes with different settings of white balance - Auto, Daylight, Night, Incandescent, Fluorescent.

Mode- Photo, Video, MMS Video, Panaroma, Sports, Burst, Picture theme.

With the morning light, it's good enough to take decent image.

That's PricewaterHouseCoopers (Pwc) HQ, to you future accountants, this where you will be in the future!

The verdict, there is nothing to shout about with its function as similar as a digicam. At least I just bring one device instead. And it comes with a mini built in Photoshop, it does a decent job editing and clearing up pictures.

WiFi next post.

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\/\/ i L L y said...

hey...ur cam seems much clearer than mine...could it be the autofocus?