Sunday, 16 December 2007

Battle of the Bands.

Thanks to my buddy Li Sian who happens to be working for MYC Magazine who is one of the organizer behind the Battle of the Bands, I easily get the free tickets entry.

Mister Potato is the main sponsor.

The competition works this way, 302 bands audition for it, and the best 8 is selected for the competition.

The location is at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and it starts at 5pm....

Or so it says. I was at Pyramid by 11am watching Golden Compass and having lunch there. The movie is JUST ok..give it 6/10 for it. Most of the scenes are rushed too fast, when a character died etc, the next thing you know, its a WHOLE new location.

The thing is..the event haven't even started when its 5.45pm. Typical Malaysian timing. And the main reason I go there is to see the guest appearances, not the bands.

Here come the DUMB part, I brought mu fully charged camera, which I charged it overnight and i left my SD CARD at home!!!I can't take a single shot..Thanks to Wilson for the camera.

The charity tents.

The final 8 bands sponsor 8 charities all over Malaysia with the champion making the charity they sponsor a fat RM4000 richer!! It goes with the theme of the competition- Operation Just Cause.

Waiting for it to start.

I saw the gorgeous,hot, nose-bleeding-me Hannah Tan there, no pics of her though. Don't have the balls guts to ask her for a pic. Too many guys surrounding her.

The building crowd. Babes alert!

Once the event kicks off with the performance of establish bands, more people and babes start coming in.

And guess who I saw?

Keat, me, kennysia.

Yup, Kenny Sia is THAT short. And big also. He is one of the guest judge and he is super busy taking pics and being interviewed by a lot of people.

By 7pm.

"Visit Malaysia 2007". Those are the words on the bridge. In 2 weeks its 2008 hello!!

Before the competition can start I left the place because we knew that the performance will not be that great based on past experience. Overall it was ok but I doubt I will go next year again.


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hey ya! u met kenny sia!! really that short huh.. guess appearance doesn't really matter in when in comes to be being famous after all. :P

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