Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pics from School~

Freedom to capture Pre-Sports Day preparation, CCA Activities and many others, ahh the funny emotions from both teachers and students!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Street!!

The Street which is at SS15 facing Taylors/INTI College is not your typical Korean food joint as they don't serve the many small plates of korean snacks etc but they have more fast food type of servings, but it taste great nonetheless! The one and only Rachel and I went there last week for a taste of the place!

The many nice post-it on the walls where every customer can paste notes of encouragement/random words on the wall.

and this was our post on the wall

Rachel pasting it on the wall.

The menu has a lot a lot of yummy selections, from beef to chicken to fish, no pork is served by the way!

As usual, she was confuse and took her time to order =p

After a short while, our food came!!

BBQ Chicken.
and Rachel's super BBQ Beef yummmmmmmy!

Now you don't see it..

Now you do!!

A superb but saltish Miso soup..I thought that is Japanese soup...hmm...

It has two floors which I didn't know until the waited offered to us to sit upstairs which we happily obliged. Upstairs has better seating as you can sit on the floor and it in REAL ASIAN style!!

After eating, of course we took some pics and Rachel took time to admire the many colorful post-it paper on the wall.

And hopefully, we will be back there soon to come...


Saturday, 3 April 2010

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