Monday, 27 April 2009

Random Things I had been doing

As this is semester final's month, doesn't mean you cannot go our and enjoy yourself..or maybe..controlled fun-lah..limit your outings!

You can't be all work and no play make Jun a dull boy =(

Maybe I'll elaborate more on the events below on next blog posting..maybe I'll not HAHA! see lah, whether hardworking or lazy mood =.=

So, I shall start with the Earth Hour 60

The Earth Hour Walk was held at Dang Wangi station, so using LRT, my sis, her friends and I reach there and join in the effort to save Earth...kinda? I just go there to chill haha!

Entrance ticket with Ee Mey, my sis, Ee Wern.

Nope, I didn't get the wonderful infamous Earth Hour T-Shirt, no more stock already when I reached there..sigh =( I got a wristband though as a consolation..

Just before 8.30pm when the lights go out

Then at 8.30pm and just like at military camp, it goes "LIGHTS OUT AT 8.30!!!"

Easter Day

And annually, Christians worldwide appreciate the loss of Jesus Christ and His resurection 3 days later.

And when it comes to Easter, what's the first thing on your mind? Naturally, when it comes to us normal humans, it will be EGGS!

Good job there! The winning egg for the night was Rachel's egg (on the most right) with the Adam and Eve theme! Credits to the watermelon haha!

That was what we did on Youth, painted the eggs, then on the actual Easter Sunday..

Choir singing of course..

And there were nice presentations by the Sunday School, a good speech by the invited speaker!

Me, Zi Sheng, Mark.

Sushi King RM2

And it is the time of the year again, where I feel lucky to be a Sushi King cardholder, for rm2 per plate for selected delicacy, it is a STEAL!!

Happy people filled with sushi in their tummy!

Really Random Genting Highlands Trip

Then 4 of us had present our Final Year Project to our respective lecturers, some of us got screwed (like me...), some was ok. Then after presentation which also was the last day of our semester, Sham said go Genting and Ying Yi said watch movie, so I said, we go Genting AND watch movie there, so we watched Mall Cop, laugh our ass out till we had headache at the high altitude area >.< Have hot coffee at Old Town. Surprisingly, the price is same as Subang!!

Sham, Ying Yi, Jin Zun, Statue of Liberty?

Then after the trip, it was the start of study leave and our finals!!

MIYF Talent Night

So, it is time for us to shine with our hidden talents (That if you have at least ONE talent...I have none I guess hahaha!)

There were singing and drama by all the Youths, some solo performances, duets!

Secret Valentine by Wei Wen and Marcus.

A scene from our drama, that's me on the floor and it wasn't raining, there is some reasons why Elaine was holding the umbrella haha! and my group won the drama!! opps..showing off XD

That's all the fun things I had been doing the past month, other then that it is all..nerding, to Complex Analysis, my worst worst paper!!

What am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you
what am I suppose to say when i'm all choked up and you're OK
I'm falling to pieces
I'm falling to pieces
Cos I got time while she got freedom
Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even

The Script - Breakeven

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Crack Up!!

So last month Michelle and I went over to find my rascal and naughty pet-sis Shu Ying and her mum,Pn.Alicia which is my form 5 class teacher who return to Subang Jaya for the March holidays. They had shifted to Kuantan as Pn.Alicia's other half got a new job at the East Coast area.

It was nice meeting them after a long while, a nice long chat before Michelle needs to go home for her assignment!!

They went to China for holidays few months before we met, and they got me a souvinier which is...

Terracota warrior!

Its made of clay and it feels very real indeed, some kind of dead stoned warrior guarding my house? NEHHH!!

However, Shu Ying did something to add to the...authenticity of the Terracota warrior. I don't know whether she did it on purpose or it was made this way...the warrrior became this..


Usually old artifacts will be found to be broken, dismantled, not in perfect condition? I guess the same applies here, just that this is not few thousand years old, maybe a few thousand minutes old?

"Hey body! I'm just 8 centimetres ahead (no pun intended)!"

Am I going to glu it back? I like it more this way, more unique and original!

The brown clay, expect to see some veins and anatomy? no chance..

The small small tiny head.

I also got a small bookmark as well, included along with this headless warrior. Am happy to get the souvinier =), and make me more excited for my trip this year end! Pn.Alicia did tell me alot alot things about China, what we should do there etc. Will keep it in mind!

Talking about cracked object, this is my rear window of my car..

Freaking cracked!

I can't bladdy see behind at times =.= Dunno which arse broke it..suspect it is the grasscutter..hmmm..Will get it fix before I'll get screwed in an accident =.=

Good luck to all Utarians and Tarcians doing exams now =) Study hard, am back to studies now!

I found the letter you wrote me
it still smells just like you
damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep

How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Disney on Ice(DOI) - Princess Wishes

Just came home after my last day of my most hectic semester ever, after class we went to Genting to watch Mall Cop and to have a drink at Kopitiam and went to murni SS2 after that and came home, out from 6.20am -> 12pm!! and the previous night with 4 hours sleep? tonight I'll sleep real good!


Disney on Ice is an annual event in Malaysia with different theme every year, and this year it was Princess Wishes, featuring the 7 princesses of Disney which are Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Mulan =)

*all pics taken by my sis using my SLR, she went for it as well*

And Rachel took me there with many switches of KTM and LRT to Stadium Putra. She paid fully for the tickets, and I'm really thankful for that and it was really a great surprise!

After breakfast, we went to Subang KTM station and head to Sentral, actually at that moment I didn't know we were going to DOI, thought just lepak trip around KL!

So were changing train 3 times and I was still wondering as she bought the train tickets as well, the destination I don't know!! and then I saw the train route we were going, and Stadium Putra was one of them and AH-HA, we are going DOI!

Upon reaching the stadium happily, we saw a large crown in front of us, mostly families with kids. After eating icecream, we enter the stadium with the tickets, buy some popcorn and get to our seats!

Before the show starts.

It first started with Aladdin and Jasmine and of course Mickey and Minnie did the intro with the help of Tinkerbell!

Then it was Snow White and the SEVEN Dwarves.

Hey hoo hey hoo!!!

It was very nice song and presentation and they skate sooo fast, soo smooth, soo good! it was really really excellent, worth the payment XDXD

Beauty and the beast!! Candles and fork and spoons =S

Songs are from the movies and are very familiar to those who watch Disney Channel often (like me XD) haha!! the kids around us were excited, and some can be seen dancing/jumping around their seats.

Little mermaid, this were the sailors. Their stunt was incredible!! I can't describe it!

And a group of lucky selected kids from the VVIP corner have the change to sit in a boat, and go around the ice ring with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy and others!

Notice Sebastian, Ariel and...what the yellow blue fish again.... lucky kids in the boat!

Did I mention Goofy? He crashed into the party as well, but he was definately funny with his famous "Yikes!", "Gosh!".

The fire from the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

They were fire on ice, what a magic! everyone was in awe and clap hands!!
After 3 ( or is it 4 princesses....) there was a 20 minit break, that time we whack the popcorn and take a good look around...


The more expensive the tickets, the more crowded is the section! Who said there is some economic crisis in Malaysia..everyone here seems to be doing well enough...
After the 7 princesses present, then there was the final ball dance.

Just like a formal ball.

As they dance gracefully, then suddenly Tinkerbell appeared in a golden ball pull by an electronic car!

All of the happy couples dance around it, and some fance nice fireworks which my sis fail to capture =( and it was the end of the presentation. 2 hours have come and gone soooo fast! I guess it was real good, and time pass when you are having a great time watching a good show!

After that we head home with the train hopping routine and make it in time for Youth that evening. Thanx for the great surprise Rachel, owe you one haha!
As a friend, I'll provide help anytime k (terms and conditions apply HAHA), and need transport can ask HAHA! Work well, study well and lead MIYF well! Will pray for you =)

and my finals starting next week ohh damn, back to books, stress, snacks and pimples haha! wish my coursemates and I all the best!!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wedding at Marriot Putrajaya

Last month I attended my distant cousin's wedding and it was held at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya. It has been ages since I last been to Putrajaya area and it was certainly a new experience going there!

And the first time entering this 5-star hotel, I was greeted with a very nice lobby!

This was actually the first time my family members and relatives from my mum's side gather together since Chinese New Year.

There were many staircase everywhere and certainly wasn't easy to find the ballroom where the wedding was held..there were sooo many ballroom's in the whole place!

The correct place!

Everyone talking outside before entering the hall.

There were free flow of ribena, red wine and liquor from the start to the end of the wedding! Drank only one cup though, I was busy studying for my midterm.. Yes, I brought my studies to a wedding lunch, quite pifitul =.=

My table number.

The wedding place, what a huge huge hall!

People of all races attended the wedding, so of course the food is halal haha excluding the alcohol they serve.

The main table.

Red wine helps in my studies!!

I felt underdress for the occasion, just slip on my sweater after sunday service in church then straight go to this wedding

It actually my first time attending a wedding lunch, it is always on a usual saturday/sunday evening at some chinese restoran.

Some of the performance of the lunch.

The Emcee was dress in some kind of beach wear, and most of the performances they were like wearing bikini and see through dresses =.= and they perform in front of the newlyweds...was that appropriate? I felt it was very very weird indeed =S

Pouring the wine, notice the tall tall cake beside.

Dessert!! yummy =)

Talking bout the food, every table has a personal waiter, so it was a pleasant dining experience!! but the food just average lah..the steam fish was my favourite! haha!

Grandma, mum, uncles and relatives.

Relatives with the newlyweds.

After eating finish, suddenly my camera battery went dead, can't take pics of the decors around the hotel..sigh..didn't charge my camera since many many weeks ago!

After that we went home, and back to my studies!

Happy Easter everyone =)

Chocolate souvinier =)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Need of a Quick Fix

A fast update, had been sick for 5 days, slightest of aircon makes me freeze so bad i cant feel my fingers =S and my answer for the assignment is wrong, and I just cant find the solution. and certain subjects my marks are just plain stupid. and interim report and presentation to pass up the next week. Could life get any more worse then this? my toughest challenge yet *cough cough* gotta hold on.

-a little too not over you- memories suppose to fade, what wrong with my heart, didn't think it will be this hard-