Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Crack Up!!

So last month Michelle and I went over to find my rascal and naughty pet-sis Shu Ying and her mum,Pn.Alicia which is my form 5 class teacher who return to Subang Jaya for the March holidays. They had shifted to Kuantan as Pn.Alicia's other half got a new job at the East Coast area.

It was nice meeting them after a long while, a nice long chat before Michelle needs to go home for her assignment!!

They went to China for holidays few months before we met, and they got me a souvinier which is...

Terracota warrior!

Its made of clay and it feels very real indeed, some kind of dead stoned warrior guarding my house? NEHHH!!

However, Shu Ying did something to add to the...authenticity of the Terracota warrior. I don't know whether she did it on purpose or it was made this way...the warrrior became this..


Usually old artifacts will be found to be broken, dismantled, not in perfect condition? I guess the same applies here, just that this is not few thousand years old, maybe a few thousand minutes old?

"Hey body! I'm just 8 centimetres ahead (no pun intended)!"

Am I going to glu it back? I like it more this way, more unique and original!

The brown clay, expect to see some veins and anatomy? no chance..

The small small tiny head.

I also got a small bookmark as well, included along with this headless warrior. Am happy to get the souvinier =), and make me more excited for my trip this year end! Pn.Alicia did tell me alot alot things about China, what we should do there etc. Will keep it in mind!

Talking about cracked object, this is my rear window of my car..

Freaking cracked!

I can't bladdy see behind at times =.= Dunno which arse broke it..suspect it is the grasscutter..hmmm..Will get it fix before I'll get screwed in an accident =.=

Good luck to all Utarians and Tarcians doing exams now =) Study hard, am back to studies now!

I found the letter you wrote me
it still smells just like you
damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep

How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney

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