Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wedding at Marriot Putrajaya

Last month I attended my distant cousin's wedding and it was held at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya. It has been ages since I last been to Putrajaya area and it was certainly a new experience going there!

And the first time entering this 5-star hotel, I was greeted with a very nice lobby!

This was actually the first time my family members and relatives from my mum's side gather together since Chinese New Year.

There were many staircase everywhere and certainly wasn't easy to find the ballroom where the wedding was held..there were sooo many ballroom's in the whole place!

The correct place!

Everyone talking outside before entering the hall.

There were free flow of ribena, red wine and liquor from the start to the end of the wedding! Drank only one cup though, I was busy studying for my midterm.. Yes, I brought my studies to a wedding lunch, quite pifitul =.=

My table number.

The wedding place, what a huge huge hall!

People of all races attended the wedding, so of course the food is halal haha excluding the alcohol they serve.

The main table.

Red wine helps in my studies!!

I felt underdress for the occasion, just slip on my sweater after sunday service in church then straight go to this wedding

It actually my first time attending a wedding lunch, it is always on a usual saturday/sunday evening at some chinese restoran.

Some of the performance of the lunch.

The Emcee was dress in some kind of beach wear, and most of the performances they were like wearing bikini and see through dresses =.= and they perform in front of the newlyweds...was that appropriate? I felt it was very very weird indeed =S

Pouring the wine, notice the tall tall cake beside.

Dessert!! yummy =)

Talking bout the food, every table has a personal waiter, so it was a pleasant dining experience!! but the food just average lah..the steam fish was my favourite! haha!

Grandma, mum, uncles and relatives.

Relatives with the newlyweds.

After eating finish, suddenly my camera battery went dead, can't take pics of the decors around the hotel..sigh..didn't charge my camera since many many weeks ago!

After that we went home, and back to my studies!

Happy Easter everyone =)

Chocolate souvinier =)

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