Monday, 27 August 2007

Weapons of War.

AMMO AMMO!need MORE ammo!fire in the hole!kaboom!!

neh, is not what you are thinking. Malaysia is a peaceful country and war is the thing of the past. however, we as students have to face war on our own, a war so horrible only few DARE to ste up and face, a war so serious you have to face terrible consequences if you fail...

tonight, we dine in HELL!!

not so serious lah, its call Exam Exam Exam Exam Exam (echoes away tragically....)

We must have the proper gear to prepare us physically and mentally for the exam.


guns and ammos (all used up in less then a day..hehe!)


and this phrase, time pass when you are having fun. studying is totally NO fun BUT time pass by like sweets, the next thing i knew it was evening and the next moment, night time!'s 5.40pm (the clock is 10 minutes fast)

Good luck to everyone who is having exams yah!chocs help in making you understand and keep the stress level down!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Traffic Lights Blues.

I love going Melaka, the only thing i hate is this; upon reaching the toll station and driving towards Ujong Pasir, we are greeted by straight roads and lots and lots of traffic lights!!!
(Sorry for the images in blue tinting, i change a setting in the camera).

Sempadan Negeri MELAKA

one traffic light


and again

and again again again

front focus, back traffic light AGAIN!

and there are a lot more!!!

In the distance approximately 2-3KM, there are about 15-16 traffic lights. And out of that number, I only have 5-6 green lights when i reach it, so no need to stop. quite irritating right when you need to stop the car then move then stop 15 times???
I'll never break traffic rules, but these situation is pushing the limits....

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Fried Carrot Cake

I am no chef although i like to cook. So far i manage to keep my kitchen from burning or make anyone stomach ache when i actually cook. Hehe!!
Everytime i go Melaka i SURE order at least one plate of fried carrot cake for myself and finish the whole thing. Now i'm in Selangor there are few or no places which sell excellent ones, so why not cook it myself?


Tau yu, oyster sauce, thick black sauce, sugar

Carrot cake

and egg and garlic.

Of course you have to start with heating the oil in the pan etc. Then throw in the garlic, cook till you can smell the wonderful aroma!

Sizzling garlic!!

Then buang inside the carrot cake and the 4 sauces and spices!

Egg is the last in the list.

Then throw in the egg and behold! fried carrot cake ah jun style~!

Final product

It may not look appetizing etc but hey, don't judge a book by its cover. It tastes soo good i could cry!!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Traditional Food-Bak Chang!

Recipe brought down generation by generation, maintaining the originality of the food, that is what i believe my aunty manage to do!

"Bak Chang"

The rice is just sticky and sweet and the meat inside is just well spiced up with pepper and sauces!!!It's the perfect one!!
Support original and oppose piracy of Changs!!!

Yum Yum!!
Anyone eat this before?Want to order from me?You wont regret this!

Food Memories..

Recently my family and I went to A&W restaurant for lunch. For those who dunno, A&W is popular for their Root Bear with Vanilla Float. The waffle there is just perfect! I went to the FIRST A&W branch in Malaysia, at Petaling Jaya beside Amcorp Mall.

See the ang moh at the right..

I'll tell you how this restaurant can relate to my family. Before my parents was married, they use to go dating here. My dad and mom work far apart and when they go Petaling Jaya, they will meet up here and Then after they got married and I was born, I always ask my parents to bring me there eat and also because there it have a VERY VERY nice playground.

Waffle with butter honey

Furthermore, the toys they sell here also super fun wan!!i buy a lot and most of them is IQ-based toys, no wonder i so smart today!!wakakka!!!

Sis with ice cream.

There are many many branches of A&W in Malaysia, but this place is like the original, they use the old table and chairs, old menu etc. Looks so authentic!

Root bear with float.

and after a lapse of 3-5 years, i went there again last month. Certainly bring back memories of younger naughty small brat days...

Dad and I with the mascot! Never too old yah??

Who's into Root Bear?

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Shopping events!!

When out shopping with a group of five peeps and you are the only male, what is the consequences???
i) You are tested on your stamina, see how long you can walk around the shopping grounds.

ii) How strong your arms are, with the loads increasing as the day proceeds..

Rest after carrying the loads!!

But you are certainly well rewarded with free meals, drinks!! And indirectly it will help you in the future as for the males, you can keep up with your gf when you go shopping with her. And can this shopping is like an exercise right?

Guess what I'm holding on my hand?

Friday, 10 August 2007

UTAR Public Speaking Competition 2007!!

On 8 August 2007(8/8!!!very ong leh!!), we held a public speaking competition!!i never take part in it as i don't have the balls guts to face a big crowds while talking bout something!!So my friend and I become part of the committee, we are in charge of getting the venue and ALL the equipments aka Technical + Photographer + Security!!

Before arrangements...

After arrangements..

After the first lecture ended at 10am, we rush to B1, get the stage,chairs, tables, mike, speakers, and carry/push all the way up to B3!!!That's 2 FLOORS!!!lucky it starts at 2.30pm, but by 1 something, all done already.

The prizes for the top 5.

Preparing the curtain background..

Andrew as the first speaker, the front rows all the VIPs, at the right is the timekeeper and left is the participants + audience~~!

Participants and committee having refreshments before start the competition..

VIPs and anxious participants..

"yoyo!i should win this and you all the judges should ignore the other participants!!"

Halfway though the competition, I was seriously feeling sleepy. Listening to 19 speeches its super tiring. It's not that the speeches are bad, its just that listening, not hearing for a long period of time drains you out!!!

the champion!!!

UTAR idols preforming before the results was announce.

Me and my friend counted the results and i tell you, the marks all superb near wan, the champion, 2nd and 3rd place all separated by 0.5-1 mark only!!

Overall the event was a success, bringing in 19 contestants, 2 hours of fun and plenty of new information from the speeches!!Maybe I should join next year...

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hakka Mee!!

After the Maths Competition, there was an hour break before the next event, so we drive to Seksyen 14 to eat Hakka Mee!!

Liew and Andrew thinking what they are going to win soon....

The small bowl is Rm3.50, BIG wan is rm4.00. Quite expensive ehh compare to last time..

Its pork so its non-halal. i order kun loh, dry wan...

In the morning the place serves Roti Bakar, Pao, Lo Ma Kai, all the nice stuffs for breakfast, but we went during lunch time, so no have any of those..

Nescafe Ais satu bijik!!!

Overall its quite nice, so far my favorite (because I cant find other Hakka Mee stall around, this is the only one, an suggestions?).

Its so good you'll ignore table manners!!!slurp slurp!!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

National Maths Competition 2007

I join it at the last minute and after registering for the event, I went to my uni in the morning.

Its basically 30 objective question on Maths IQ question, answer in 1 hour and done using a computer, so just click and pass up. Average 1 question 2 minute allocated.

Registering in the morning.

Comp lab before the quiz start, after awhile the room was FULL!!!

Click to see the warm up question, its suppose to be easy...

After 1 hour, the paper end already, we went for lunch, talk etc. Then reach the time the VIP talk and prize award ceremony..

The VIPs

After the speech etc it was the prize giving ceremony. About 189 student join from 15+ colleges, so I just forget the idea of winning it BUT who knows, I got 7th place!!wohoo!!!A lot of luck I tell you....

I'm too handsome for the picture.Wkaka!!the certificate looks better then me.

I'm RM100 richer!!!Never thought I'll win a single cent. I'm sure to join next year to defend it!!

P.S- The winner is a high school student, not a college student, so......yeah....

Friday, 3 August 2007


fuyohhh!!got an award from Miss.Jaecy!! Many online friends I got to know from her blog!A great thaks to her!!!*wipes tears* I would like to thank my parents, family, friends, and especially my very very few readers!!Sorry if I type something wrong or offend anyone in my blog and thank you again!!*applause applause!!*


You’re eligible for this award is due to your natural ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection. You effortlessly weave your way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way.

You don’t limit your visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. You are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.

Can I exchange it with cash?
It’s not exchangeable with cash and no trophy either! Congrats! you truly deserve it! And thanks to my dear friends! So wait no more, now it’s your turn to award 5 other bloggers with the Power of Schmooze Award! Let’s rock the blogosphere!!!

Now I have to pass this award to 5 chosen ones!!

1) Milkypigpig - alot funny posts, free sandwich in uni, calculus notes too!
2) Simonso - when u giving me a HTC???!!!
3) Sean C - stop growing taller or i'll cut your leg!!
4) Darren - More MJ? don't be weird like him!
5) Hong Yee - When want fight Ping Pong??!!!

There are many other great bloggers out there, i'm sure you'll get it from this people!
Thank you thank you!!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Time of the month.

It's the time of the month again..Haihhzzz...and pardon me, i'm a MALE, it's not what you are thinking about, its the 31st!!Still having rang a bell in your head?
(Thanks to Jin Zun for the pics~!)

Baskin Robbins 31% discount day!!!wohoo!!!My heart sank when i enter the shop...

The queue was super giler gila bombastik madly long!!!So took a number and wait for my turn.

The service and waiting time is quite long as people are super fussy in choosing the flavors, and of cause jumping queue is common...

Two pints is the goods!!One belongs to Yu Jin, the other 2 of us share, its big enough!

All the waiting is worth it. 25 solid minutes just for this. 31 only occur 8 times yearly, so no harm pampering yourself. Next 31st I'll be the first in line!

P.S: I wonder how many people will hate me after seeing this post.hmm...