Friday, 10 August 2007

UTAR Public Speaking Competition 2007!!

On 8 August 2007(8/8!!!very ong leh!!), we held a public speaking competition!!i never take part in it as i don't have the balls guts to face a big crowds while talking bout something!!So my friend and I become part of the committee, we are in charge of getting the venue and ALL the equipments aka Technical + Photographer + Security!!

Before arrangements...

After arrangements..

After the first lecture ended at 10am, we rush to B1, get the stage,chairs, tables, mike, speakers, and carry/push all the way up to B3!!!That's 2 FLOORS!!!lucky it starts at 2.30pm, but by 1 something, all done already.

The prizes for the top 5.

Preparing the curtain background..

Andrew as the first speaker, the front rows all the VIPs, at the right is the timekeeper and left is the participants + audience~~!

Participants and committee having refreshments before start the competition..

VIPs and anxious participants..

"yoyo!i should win this and you all the judges should ignore the other participants!!"

Halfway though the competition, I was seriously feeling sleepy. Listening to 19 speeches its super tiring. It's not that the speeches are bad, its just that listening, not hearing for a long period of time drains you out!!!

the champion!!!

UTAR idols preforming before the results was announce.

Me and my friend counted the results and i tell you, the marks all superb near wan, the champion, 2nd and 3rd place all separated by 0.5-1 mark only!!

Overall the event was a success, bringing in 19 contestants, 2 hours of fun and plenty of new information from the speeches!!Maybe I should join next year...

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