Sunday, 5 August 2007

National Maths Competition 2007

I join it at the last minute and after registering for the event, I went to my uni in the morning.

Its basically 30 objective question on Maths IQ question, answer in 1 hour and done using a computer, so just click and pass up. Average 1 question 2 minute allocated.

Registering in the morning.

Comp lab before the quiz start, after awhile the room was FULL!!!

Click to see the warm up question, its suppose to be easy...

After 1 hour, the paper end already, we went for lunch, talk etc. Then reach the time the VIP talk and prize award ceremony..

The VIPs

After the speech etc it was the prize giving ceremony. About 189 student join from 15+ colleges, so I just forget the idea of winning it BUT who knows, I got 7th place!!wohoo!!!A lot of luck I tell you....

I'm too handsome for the picture.Wkaka!!the certificate looks better then me.

I'm RM100 richer!!!Never thought I'll win a single cent. I'm sure to join next year to defend it!!

P.S- The winner is a high school student, not a college student, so......yeah....


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wah smart guy ah u! 7th outta 189 student!! aim to be engineerer etc??

=jaecywong= said...

eh!!! so pandai!!! rm 100 richer edi!! can eat a lot of mamak food!! kekeke~~~ XD XD i'm very bad in maths...very very lame!!