Sunday, 19 August 2007

Food Memories..

Recently my family and I went to A&W restaurant for lunch. For those who dunno, A&W is popular for their Root Bear with Vanilla Float. The waffle there is just perfect! I went to the FIRST A&W branch in Malaysia, at Petaling Jaya beside Amcorp Mall.

See the ang moh at the right..

I'll tell you how this restaurant can relate to my family. Before my parents was married, they use to go dating here. My dad and mom work far apart and when they go Petaling Jaya, they will meet up here and Then after they got married and I was born, I always ask my parents to bring me there eat and also because there it have a VERY VERY nice playground.

Waffle with butter honey

Furthermore, the toys they sell here also super fun wan!!i buy a lot and most of them is IQ-based toys, no wonder i so smart today!!wakakka!!!

Sis with ice cream.

There are many many branches of A&W in Malaysia, but this place is like the original, they use the old table and chairs, old menu etc. Looks so authentic!

Root bear with float.

and after a lapse of 3-5 years, i went there again last month. Certainly bring back memories of younger naughty small brat days...

Dad and I with the mascot! Never too old yah??

Who's into Root Bear?


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Wah A&W!! so long never see A&W liao... Used to have it in Singapore eons ago.. but sadly it closes down island wide... and I miss the root beer float.. =(

=jaecywong= said...

wow!! talking bout A&W! i miss the float dearly!! i think i took a pic with the mascot of A&W before.. the bear.. ahhhaha!! XD XD

i like!! i miss!!!