Sunday, 26 August 2007

Traffic Lights Blues.

I love going Melaka, the only thing i hate is this; upon reaching the toll station and driving towards Ujong Pasir, we are greeted by straight roads and lots and lots of traffic lights!!!
(Sorry for the images in blue tinting, i change a setting in the camera).

Sempadan Negeri MELAKA

one traffic light


and again

and again again again

front focus, back traffic light AGAIN!

and there are a lot more!!!

In the distance approximately 2-3KM, there are about 15-16 traffic lights. And out of that number, I only have 5-6 green lights when i reach it, so no need to stop. quite irritating right when you need to stop the car then move then stop 15 times???
I'll never break traffic rules, but these situation is pushing the limits....

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