Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Hakka Mee!!

After the Maths Competition, there was an hour break before the next event, so we drive to Seksyen 14 to eat Hakka Mee!!

Liew and Andrew thinking what they are going to win soon....

The small bowl is Rm3.50, BIG wan is rm4.00. Quite expensive ehh compare to last time..

Its pork so its non-halal. i order kun loh, dry wan...

In the morning the place serves Roti Bakar, Pao, Lo Ma Kai, all the nice stuffs for breakfast, but we went during lunch time, so no have any of those..

Nescafe Ais satu bijik!!!

Overall its quite nice, so far my favorite (because I cant find other Hakka Mee stall around, this is the only one, an suggestions?).

Its so good you'll ignore table manners!!!slurp slurp!!

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