Monday, 30 July 2007

So fast wan!!!

It is only the end of July BUT now these is a common sight...













Recently my friend's mum got two for me.YEAH!!!i LOVE the one with yoke inside. What's your favorite?

Two flavors, pandan lotus and pure lotus, both single yoke.

Of cause i prefer the pure lotus, so i brag mum to cut it first!!

The box to keep the mooncake.

Cut and eaten.

Bon appetit!

Another 2 months then can play with lantern, burn candles etc!!Who want to join me?

Friday, 27 July 2007

Course-Rep birthday at McD Seksyen 14

Today is my heng dai/ course rep birthday. So we talk long long and we decide go makan besar at McD!

18 people go makan.

We all decided to walk there, about 15 minit walk at 12 noon.

Arranging table at McD for 18 people.

Li Sian, Liew, Me with McD Kids Card. we are BIG kids!

The queue is long and liew posing with rm40 saying steal it!

All whacking the meal!

Yam Seng burger!

Hungry Humans

Birthday Boy with helmet as a present!!Long story on why we got that for him.

He once bang his head on a metal bar, so as concern friends, we get him the helmet so he is safe from such danger in the future!!buahaha!
Happy Birthday to Mr.JZ, hope you'll remember the present!!hehe!
Remember, safety first!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My Crib

That's my house from the outside.

Its located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Its not really in the middle of all important places to go such as Taipan, Sunway etc but heck, its a nice housing area.

Left side from my house

Right side

I've been staying here for 15 years, since i'm 4. Before that I was staying in Malacca->Melawati->Taman Paramount->USJ2->USJ3(now)

Mom posing at the garden

The spot my dad bury the kitten

Guess what's this and what's the flavor?

The clock shows 25 celcius!its super cold for our weather, usually is 28-30. And on the 24th, it was 23.9 celcius!!ALL time low!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Random food pics!

These few weeks (and months) quite semangat go makan besar, so to those who are super hungry please DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT continue reading, many pictures of food below. To those who want to increase their appetite before meal, it is recommended for you to read below...

T.G.I. Friday

Some seafood spegetti

Famous TGIF Burger!

Irene who is in Johor studying Matriculation.

Tropical Sundae

Victoria Station-

Sis's Chocolate Milkshake

Chicken Maryland(I had to refill the thousand island and mayonnaise twice!)

Chicken stuffed with seafood

spegetti with meatballs!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

5 phones,5 days!

2 weeks ago i had an experiment, from monday-friday i use different phones everyday!


My Mitsubishi M330


Mom's Nokia 3230


Chon Sern Samsung X194i(i think...)


Nokia 3120(Which I'm using now, i retire the M330 adi)


Sis's Nokia 5200

Majority is Nokia hp. All different sms input method...took me awhile to get used to it!my friend's were saying I'm a rich kid because everyday different phone!haha!But the phone take got the most attention is the Nokia 5200. When I slide it up to sms, alot of eyes looking at me!
Now im aiming for my Dopod C500. Hope next year have the cash to buy it!
What's your handphone brand?

Friday, 20 July 2007

Flu for dummies.

These days the weather here really sucks. Yesterday at 4pm the sun was super bright suddenly it rained(Hujan Panas). With this kind of shitty sucky stupid weather, easy for people to fall sick.
This 2 months i enjoyed suffered flu thrice! And last year, got 3 flu in 3 weeks.
Anyone can tell me who can beat that record?
The defination of flu from the "expert".(No actual images of mucus taken, no worries!)

Stage 1: Feeling weird.

You don't feel well, abit moody. Often feel very tension in class. One of your nostril will be alil' wet, use tissue occasionally.

Stage 2: Tap water!

Your nose suddenly burst with water, mucus leaking like tap water(transparent color with a twist of green). Usually happen after your bath. Lau beh shui ahh! This time you need to sumbat your nose with tissue adi.

Stage 3:Glue

Now when you blow out all the green green sticky sticky stuff come out (Don't continues reading if you are going to eat dinner). Then one of your nostril sure stuck wan!

Imagine the cars as mucus..

Recommended to breath with your mouth. Often people snore loudly at this stage when they sleep!

Mucus in the nose(only for illustration purposes)

Stage 4: Clearing of nose tunnel!

empty and hollow

After approximately 4 days, your nose will feel clearer. Majority will get sore throat and cough as the side effects on flu. Myth about eating Vitamin C can cure your flu faster is hoax! Don't believe it. For me, the best solution is eat plenty of GARLIC. It seriously works!
If got any suggestions on facts that are missing from the explanation above, please inform me!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Afterlife of Cats...

What the SPCA said bout the kitten is true;it can't survive more then a day. Its dead already. My parents found it dead this morning at 6am..Haih..
It can't survive without it's mom milk. It's eyes also haven't open. Didn't have the chance yet to see the world.

Even though we feed it continuously with milk but all efforts still in vain. It's sad to see that we are powerless to keep it alive. Man against nature is impossible.

At least it is not suffering anymore.Rest in peace lil' one..
Do cats go to heaven?

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hello Kitty...

Last time my dad hear noises from outside. My family too. I was upstairs napping. I dunno if my dad thought it was "something" else. Furthermore, it was raining heavy last time, so we tend to think off those "stuff".

BUT, actually it was something else,it was a KITTEN!

7 in the morning..

Since it was raining heavily, my sis put it under the car. After the rain stop, we fed it with some milk (It was midnight that time). Before we sleep, we brought the cat in.
In the morning, my dad and sis saw the mom (or dad) of the kitten came into the house to see it. When it saw my dad, it ran away.

It's eyes haven't open yet. Should be less then a week old.

The size is incredibly SMALL.(Looks like a mouse?)

My house tiles is small and it is SHORTER then it. It was shivering this morning when i came out and look at it. Faster out it under a thick cloth.
It was meowing loudly, maybe its hungry...My mom don't like animals, so i doubt i'll keep it.
I just came home from class and the kitten is no more in the house..hmm..where is it?

Dad brought it to SPCA BUT they don't accept its back home..

Drink warm milk at 7.20pm

Give a bath.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Bon Odori!!

Last saturday went to Bon Odori festival in Matsushita Stadium,Shah Alam.

The symbol of the event.Free fan for everyone, it's use in the japanese dance.

It's an event for japanese to celebrate and appreciate their ancestors. Odori means dance.
It starts at 7pm but i went to Rachel's (The one who invited me) house at 2pm to make food for the event.

Rachel making sushi rolls.

Lawrence and me making sushi.

And make mochi also, japanese style!

The stage where all the performances happen.

The dancers will dance on the stage following the drum and traditional music. People will surround the stage and dance around it.

The crowd was about a whopping 20000 people. We ate the food we made picnic style!

Me, Rachel(pink), her cousin(white), Kim(red) and friends.

Yukata babes and a guy!

The stadium is large enough to put everyone in and there are also stalls selling japanese delicacies-drinks, ICECREAM, etc
There were 3 rounds of traditional dancing which many of the people join in including the VIPs who went on stage to dance along. Of cause there is a showcase of our own Malaysia dances-lion dance, melayu dance, etc.

The whole group who went.

The event ended at 9.30. It felt quite fast, as for me, 2.5 hours is too short!
So want to join me next year?