Monday, 16 July 2007

Bon Odori!!

Last saturday went to Bon Odori festival in Matsushita Stadium,Shah Alam.

The symbol of the event.Free fan for everyone, it's use in the japanese dance.

It's an event for japanese to celebrate and appreciate their ancestors. Odori means dance.
It starts at 7pm but i went to Rachel's (The one who invited me) house at 2pm to make food for the event.

Rachel making sushi rolls.

Lawrence and me making sushi.

And make mochi also, japanese style!

The stage where all the performances happen.

The dancers will dance on the stage following the drum and traditional music. People will surround the stage and dance around it.

The crowd was about a whopping 20000 people. We ate the food we made picnic style!

Me, Rachel(pink), her cousin(white), Kim(red) and friends.

Yukata babes and a guy!

The stadium is large enough to put everyone in and there are also stalls selling japanese delicacies-drinks, ICECREAM, etc
There were 3 rounds of traditional dancing which many of the people join in including the VIPs who went on stage to dance along. Of cause there is a showcase of our own Malaysia dances-lion dance, melayu dance, etc.

The whole group who went.

The event ended at 9.30. It felt quite fast, as for me, 2.5 hours is too short!
So want to join me next year?


=jaecywong= said...

hey! didn't know malaysia got such event wan~~ so happening arh!! where ur fren get all the kimono? rent or buy wan? hehe i also wan~!!! :P

=thick frame glasses~ping= said...

gosh..u went..tak ajak!!!

VaVa said...

Eh,that Japanese Festival!
Syok nya!=p

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