Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hello Kitty...

Last time my dad hear noises from outside. My family too. I was upstairs napping. I dunno if my dad thought it was "something" else. Furthermore, it was raining heavy last time, so we tend to think off those "stuff".

BUT, actually it was something else,it was a KITTEN!

7 in the morning..

Since it was raining heavily, my sis put it under the car. After the rain stop, we fed it with some milk (It was midnight that time). Before we sleep, we brought the cat in.
In the morning, my dad and sis saw the mom (or dad) of the kitten came into the house to see it. When it saw my dad, it ran away.

It's eyes haven't open yet. Should be less then a week old.

The size is incredibly SMALL.(Looks like a mouse?)

My house tiles is small and it is SHORTER then it. It was shivering this morning when i came out and look at it. Faster out it under a thick cloth.
It was meowing loudly, maybe its hungry...My mom don't like animals, so i doubt i'll keep it.
I just came home from class and the kitten is no more in the house..hmm..where is it?

Dad brought it to SPCA BUT they don't accept it..so its back home..

Drink warm milk at 7.20pm

Give a bath.


=jaecywong= said...

eh so cute lar.. although i dun like cats.. kittens are exceptional~ hahah :P so u keeping it or how wor... ur whole family very nice hor.. summore send to spca... but y not accepted.. too many animals edi izzit?

VaVa said...

Hello Kitty! Haha.
Now I only knew it didn't survive.
But, mine too. I got two kittens, but one passed away on the road, and another one stray some where else or maybe have the same faith as its siblings. Sad huh?
Morn for 100 days then.=p