Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Kueh tiow birthday!!

Today is my coursemate Mandy aka kueh tiow 19th birthday, so she wants to eat da Cheezy-licious at Pizza Hut nearby our uni.

The birthday woman
Go there by taxi, too hungry to walk. Come back of cause walk adi. Got strength to do so~!

7 of us went, with one out of the picture. Me fiddling with Shamrul's N73.

We reach Pizza Hut at 10.35am, but it open only at 11am!!!so we went to McD beside it and sit inside and lepak till 11am.buahah!! So our friend Andrew become our photographer, taking candid pictures and random pics too!
The "Sifu" and birthday girl aka student. I look fat here, its the TSHIRT!!
Leaving McD and proceed to Pizza Hut
Birthday girl confuse on what to order for her meal!!

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