Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Father's Day Dinner.

i know i's way tooo late right?i was wayy sick last week, cant even eat properly, of coz cant go eat right?so now im all fit and my tummy is ready to whack then we all go eat at-

Sorry, bad angle..

It's Victoria Station Taipan.Last time i went there was last year March, after SPM results out. So we proceed to the non-smoking area.

The interior of the restaurant.

Dad's Salmon Steak
Mom's Seafood PlatterSis's cheese prawn
AND MINE!!!its on fire!wohhoo!
Fillet Steak Flamme Au Cognac..watever is it

After war-

My family

My dad has RM150.00 voucher on the restaurant courtesy of Diners Club International, so its all FREE!tastes wayy better this way.A belated Happy Father's Day!!

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