Friday, 20 July 2007

Flu for dummies.

These days the weather here really sucks. Yesterday at 4pm the sun was super bright suddenly it rained(Hujan Panas). With this kind of shitty sucky stupid weather, easy for people to fall sick.
This 2 months i enjoyed suffered flu thrice! And last year, got 3 flu in 3 weeks.
Anyone can tell me who can beat that record?
The defination of flu from the "expert".(No actual images of mucus taken, no worries!)

Stage 1: Feeling weird.

You don't feel well, abit moody. Often feel very tension in class. One of your nostril will be alil' wet, use tissue occasionally.

Stage 2: Tap water!

Your nose suddenly burst with water, mucus leaking like tap water(transparent color with a twist of green). Usually happen after your bath. Lau beh shui ahh! This time you need to sumbat your nose with tissue adi.

Stage 3:Glue

Now when you blow out all the green green sticky sticky stuff come out (Don't continues reading if you are going to eat dinner). Then one of your nostril sure stuck wan!

Imagine the cars as mucus..

Recommended to breath with your mouth. Often people snore loudly at this stage when they sleep!

Mucus in the nose(only for illustration purposes)

Stage 4: Clearing of nose tunnel!

empty and hollow

After approximately 4 days, your nose will feel clearer. Majority will get sore throat and cough as the side effects on flu. Myth about eating Vitamin C can cure your flu faster is hoax! Don't believe it. For me, the best solution is eat plenty of GARLIC. It seriously works!
If got any suggestions on facts that are missing from the explanation above, please inform me!

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=jaecywong= said...

eat a lot of garlic can cure arh? i dunno leh!! but i'm so like lar... i have flu problems also.. maybe once a month will get twice like.. as in every month ok? can get very serious.. can even last up to a week .. :(

btw, eating vitamin c every day prevent flu from occurring but it does not help if u already have the flu.. i think XD