Sunday, 29 March 2009

UTAR Ball Night.

So, well few weeks ago, it was the annual UTAR Ball and in my 4 years of studying in UTAR, I have never been to a single of their Ball Night yet and since this year is my final year there, me and coursemates decide to give it a go =) This year it was held at Sunway Resort Hotel.

After paying RM100 and finding a date which is Ying Yi my long time coursemate (actually just 3 years haha but what the heck XD)

Ying Yi and I =)

Sorry yah no corsage, gifts, flower etc. No time to buy HAHA!

The very large and formal crowd.

At first I thought I was overdressed and overkill for the UTAR Ball.


What I wore is like the minimum requirement for the dinner =S

Ying Yi, Chon Sern, Crystal.

Some of those who sat on my table.

Raymond and...ehem ehem hehe! joking lah haha!

And they couldn't pick a better date for our UTAR Ball Night. The day after is my Parallel Processing BIG test, and isn't it a guilty pleasure to be enjoying yourself when you are suppose to be studying? Ahhh, screw it lah XD

Crystal, Liew.

So we all study like mad before the ball so we could actually enjoy the evening.

This ball was wayyy beyond my expectations, because everything UTAR does implies it will be low class, boring, lousy, cheapskate etc but this was..woah!! nice! the RM100 was all worth it!

and then the food and drinks came...and it wasn't so great anymore =.=

The reds!!

let's just say, we came for the event, and stay for the dance, not the food! Speaking about dance, there is a dance floor ( like duh...this is UTAR Ball). Students from Kampar, Sungai Long, Setapak and Petaling Jaya came for this, ALL the way from their respective campus, that's call super semangat!

The 4 musketeers!! wait..suppose to be 3 right?

Sham, Crystal.

Sham, Mandy.

After the VIP come and go, and left the young, rowdy, hyper students, then it was time for the dance!

Me and my real life aunty, I met her on the dance floor. She was also the emcee for the evening. Thanks Kevin for the pics =)

Dancing on the floor, pardon my weird smile =S

And a great dancing time with my partner, and while dancing, there were ALOT of 'side' activities on the dance floor as well...couples know the details..

Initially it was slow ballad dancing songs, and then suddenly it was Hip Hop and everyone start dancing crazily XD And Ying Yi introduce me to her friends, nice to meet you all, and I got scolded cause I forgot their names the day after but they still remembered mine XD

Kevin, Aunty Pui Lin, Me.

After that, we head on to Euphoria MOS for round 2 of partying ohh yeah!! we went there early, so we manage to enter inside and dance our ass away.

The packed crowd inside.

Sham was the teh-tarik dance, Liew was the boxing-style dance and I was the vibrating-drumhead style HAHAHA (Inside joke, sorry =p)

Dance and chill the midnight, then we went to the hotel lobby, had a long chat.

After MOS.

Then we went to a mamak, and resume talking till 1am something. Then we head home, sleep and get ready for the big test on that same very day. Kinda spoil the vibes? but it was worth the time =)

And now, back to Stochastic BIG test XD

Monday, 23 March 2009

Abstract Thinking

I have listen to some talks talking bout crossroads. This got me thinking, life is all about making decisions on crossroads. More then one choice or anything, you are up for it, and probably only God knows where and how the path will lead you. Choosing either and the results, if it turns out good, so be it but if otherwise, then regret pouring in?


Life is a journey, getting experience. It is the only lesson that never ends, new challanges everyday. Learning from mistakes, failures do give you the advantage in the future, hoping mistakes wont repeat after itself.

A single wrong assumption turn everything around.

Presuming general human emotions as a constant, we may imply that the wrongs that have been right can be utilize? Nope. Just as chaotic behavioral, a single slight difference in initial conditions makes all the difference. Different set of equations, iterations, methods to apply on different cases, not all the same.

And I thought I knew everything.

But regret is never on my list, once the choice is made, YOU make full responsibility of it and no matter what turns out in the end, we should learn something of it, keep it in your mind and heart.

Unfortunately we are not perfect beings, no equation is made without trial and error. We make mistakes. In the process, side-effects or unwanted distortion on physical, mental side of things. Unintentional or not, the effect is made. What next?


Wish you could turn back time? Undo somethings you wish you never said or done? At some occasions I guess we all felt the same, with questions of "if only etc etc...."

But at the end of the day, why change the past? why change history?

What we did last time shape what we are inside today, it shows and tells everyone who we are. It's our story and the portfolio of our past. In conclusion, live on with it and smile. You'll be alright at the end of the day. With God's help, yeah everyone will feel fine.

Don't cry over spilled milk? or the SUMO word - Shut Up, Move On XD

Be positive, optimistic, look at bright side. That's a good life motto!
What next now I ask again, my assignments!!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jump Jump Snap!

Jeremy and I wanted to join some AXN Big Challenge thingy, so here we are with some adventurous photos!

Man, he was heavy =S See the same spongebob and baby milo theme tshirt! haha!

-A huge burden lift of my uni's burden-

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Panda's Birthday!

So it was a once a year event I cannot missed and I have to plan well! hahah!!
Fortunately everyone was free ( actually..only 2 of us XD) is free on that thursday evening, then I took her for a ride to a random place. All the plans was undisclosed for the evening!

(Sorry, not many pictures, my camera is bad and I was busy talking eating away! hehe)

First, we had her birthday dinner a none other than TGIF Pyramid!

The drinks for the evening! November Sea Breeze and Ice Lemon Tea.

She ordered the Appetizer and Entree Combo as she was very very hungry that night, I just order Jack Daniels burger. I thought it was too little and I standby to other dessert.

Or so I thought...

The portion was so HUGE, we could hardly finish it! hahah!

The appetizer, morazella cheese macaroni inside some cube. tasty cheezyness!

It's being awhile since we had a long chat, we were sooo busy with test/quizes/assignment/work =S so it was really a good dinner date out!

Her Tuscan Chicken Sandwich, didn't manage to have a taste of it, she ate all up before I can even taste a bite of it! haha!

If you want see more pictures, please proceed to Rachel's blog XD

The hungry birthday girl! hehe!

So, if anyone knows TGIF tradition, a birthday boy/girl has to stand up on the chair, give a speech, blow candles from very impossible distance etc, Yup, she did all that, I'm sure she enjoyed it! haha!

This is the speech video XD hehe!

This is the blow candle video.

I didn't have time to take pictures of the presents as I kinda got it last mint, rushing alot as that week I was kinda busy! pai seh pai seh!

Then we went and watch Marley & Me, it was a really really good movie, laugh super alot, a great disstresser movie, and great to watch with someone!

After that we head home and that's it. I'm thankful everything went as plan, the food was good, the movie was great, the company was the best XD

Happy 19th Birthday, hope all your wishes come true!!

Now back to Partial Differential Equation T.T

Friday, 6 March 2009

Wrecked Wrist

Before you think that I committed suicide, I did not XD I am having a great life, so I won't!!

It all started at a futsal game. Even wearing goalkeeper gloves, the hard kicking coursemates of mine gave my hands a handful!! ( no pun intended..) blast after blast of shots I save and then..

Its all wrapped up nice and warm..

upon reaching home I felt a small pain on my wrist, the following morning it hurts so bad, I can hardly write! Even drove home my manual car with one hand!

Pharmacist say don't carry heavy stuff and apply ointment and minimize it's movement.
Hope it'll get better


Happy 19th BIRTHDAY Rachel =)

Monday, 2 March 2009

What a Summon!!!

As usual on Sunday morning I'll go to church.

So after morning service, I went to Pyramid for a while to do some stuff, then I went back to church and park my car there. After lunch and some L4D, I went out and saw a SAMAN on my car!!

And I thought to myself, WHY is there summon on a beautiful sunday like this??

I was scared ( I don't want to part with RM100 T.T) I ran to the car madly, and I saw this..

Woah, what an expensive summon..RM1000!!!

Is it in Rupiah?
and why is it written in pen and not in ink?
and the best part, why is it written on Rachel's notebook paper?hehehe..

nice one got me =.=