Monday, 23 March 2009

Abstract Thinking

I have listen to some talks talking bout crossroads. This got me thinking, life is all about making decisions on crossroads. More then one choice or anything, you are up for it, and probably only God knows where and how the path will lead you. Choosing either and the results, if it turns out good, so be it but if otherwise, then regret pouring in?


Life is a journey, getting experience. It is the only lesson that never ends, new challanges everyday. Learning from mistakes, failures do give you the advantage in the future, hoping mistakes wont repeat after itself.

A single wrong assumption turn everything around.

Presuming general human emotions as a constant, we may imply that the wrongs that have been right can be utilize? Nope. Just as chaotic behavioral, a single slight difference in initial conditions makes all the difference. Different set of equations, iterations, methods to apply on different cases, not all the same.

And I thought I knew everything.

But regret is never on my list, once the choice is made, YOU make full responsibility of it and no matter what turns out in the end, we should learn something of it, keep it in your mind and heart.

Unfortunately we are not perfect beings, no equation is made without trial and error. We make mistakes. In the process, side-effects or unwanted distortion on physical, mental side of things. Unintentional or not, the effect is made. What next?


Wish you could turn back time? Undo somethings you wish you never said or done? At some occasions I guess we all felt the same, with questions of "if only etc etc...."

But at the end of the day, why change the past? why change history?

What we did last time shape what we are inside today, it shows and tells everyone who we are. It's our story and the portfolio of our past. In conclusion, live on with it and smile. You'll be alright at the end of the day. With God's help, yeah everyone will feel fine.

Don't cry over spilled milk? or the SUMO word - Shut Up, Move On XD

Be positive, optimistic, look at bright side. That's a good life motto!
What next now I ask again, my assignments!!!

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