Sunday, 29 March 2009

UTAR Ball Night.

So, well few weeks ago, it was the annual UTAR Ball and in my 4 years of studying in UTAR, I have never been to a single of their Ball Night yet and since this year is my final year there, me and coursemates decide to give it a go =) This year it was held at Sunway Resort Hotel.

After paying RM100 and finding a date which is Ying Yi my long time coursemate (actually just 3 years haha but what the heck XD)

Ying Yi and I =)

Sorry yah no corsage, gifts, flower etc. No time to buy HAHA!

The very large and formal crowd.

At first I thought I was overdressed and overkill for the UTAR Ball.


What I wore is like the minimum requirement for the dinner =S

Ying Yi, Chon Sern, Crystal.

Some of those who sat on my table.

Raymond and...ehem ehem hehe! joking lah haha!

And they couldn't pick a better date for our UTAR Ball Night. The day after is my Parallel Processing BIG test, and isn't it a guilty pleasure to be enjoying yourself when you are suppose to be studying? Ahhh, screw it lah XD

Crystal, Liew.

So we all study like mad before the ball so we could actually enjoy the evening.

This ball was wayyy beyond my expectations, because everything UTAR does implies it will be low class, boring, lousy, cheapskate etc but this was..woah!! nice! the RM100 was all worth it!

and then the food and drinks came...and it wasn't so great anymore =.=

The reds!!

let's just say, we came for the event, and stay for the dance, not the food! Speaking about dance, there is a dance floor ( like duh...this is UTAR Ball). Students from Kampar, Sungai Long, Setapak and Petaling Jaya came for this, ALL the way from their respective campus, that's call super semangat!

The 4 musketeers!! wait..suppose to be 3 right?

Sham, Crystal.

Sham, Mandy.

After the VIP come and go, and left the young, rowdy, hyper students, then it was time for the dance!

Me and my real life aunty, I met her on the dance floor. She was also the emcee for the evening. Thanks Kevin for the pics =)

Dancing on the floor, pardon my weird smile =S

And a great dancing time with my partner, and while dancing, there were ALOT of 'side' activities on the dance floor as well...couples know the details..

Initially it was slow ballad dancing songs, and then suddenly it was Hip Hop and everyone start dancing crazily XD And Ying Yi introduce me to her friends, nice to meet you all, and I got scolded cause I forgot their names the day after but they still remembered mine XD

Kevin, Aunty Pui Lin, Me.

After that, we head on to Euphoria MOS for round 2 of partying ohh yeah!! we went there early, so we manage to enter inside and dance our ass away.

The packed crowd inside.

Sham was the teh-tarik dance, Liew was the boxing-style dance and I was the vibrating-drumhead style HAHAHA (Inside joke, sorry =p)

Dance and chill the midnight, then we went to the hotel lobby, had a long chat.

After MOS.

Then we went to a mamak, and resume talking till 1am something. Then we head home, sleep and get ready for the big test on that same very day. Kinda spoil the vibes? but it was worth the time =)

And now, back to Stochastic BIG test XD


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