Monday, 2 March 2009

What a Summon!!!

As usual on Sunday morning I'll go to church.

So after morning service, I went to Pyramid for a while to do some stuff, then I went back to church and park my car there. After lunch and some L4D, I went out and saw a SAMAN on my car!!

And I thought to myself, WHY is there summon on a beautiful sunday like this??

I was scared ( I don't want to part with RM100 T.T) I ran to the car madly, and I saw this..

Woah, what an expensive summon..RM1000!!!

Is it in Rupiah?
and why is it written in pen and not in ink?
and the best part, why is it written on Rachel's notebook paper?hehehe..

nice one got me =.=

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