Friday, 27 February 2009

Whats on the 14th?

NO updates lately because my internet keeps disconnecting every few minutes, hope this blog post will go just fine XD

Anyway, on the 14th, we are suppose to have class in uni in the morning, to replace CNY week BUT the lecturer cancel!! whee!! got for those who had plans that morning with their other special half. I had plans with my pillow and blanket...if you get what I mean..and also with a 'letter' =)

14th..hmm...notice the missing key on the background!! Ain't my keyboard, this is my uni's keyboard!!

Then at 2.30pm I had my regular add maths tuition which lasted till 2 hours later. Then it was a special simple yet amazing Valentine's teatime at Secret Recipe!

Her banana split without strawberry flavor =)

What she does best, posing for my camera XDXD

Am very happy I selected the correct items and enjoyed the date =)

And then I guess I talked too much then we had to rush to fetch people and prepare stuff etc =S

My bad!!

After our date is our Church's Youth Valentine's Day special!!

Sitting around and play games!!

I'm shy, pleaseee don't take my pic XD

There were many newcomers and many happy couples that day in Youth!!

The above average crowd!!

Pastor's speech on relationship etc. Well said pastor!!!

Umm...what should I do now =S

Everyone exchange love letter of encouragement which each other

Matthew to Jeremy with love..eeeeeeeee.....

And then someone took my camera and snap all the way =S

and that's how I ended up in this weird pose..

then I took the camera back and everyone start posing for me!!

Ya Pei, Panda, Elaine.

and many more pics, but I'm not going to upload all, there is too many.

Overall it was a great superb day, I hope you are happy and the rest of you as well =)

A day to remember of the year!!

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