Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentines's Fish & Chip!

Nope, I didnt eat Fish & Chip during Valentines Day, although I actually don't mind doing so XD

Is actually the gift from my date for Valentines =)

and I know it is weird to post bout my gift for Valentines before I even say what I did on the day itself! that will be on the next post!

Mini aquarium!!

It is definately a surprise, I never thought I'll get a fish tank with fishes as a gift!!

Swim round and round and round @.@

and I never rare a pet before, so this is a new AND surprising experience for me!! Thank you yah my date!!

Whylah so shy when take your pic Chip? Be like her, like to pose and camwhore wan!!!

and you all (including myself) are wondering...why fish? of all pets or gifts in the world? First of all, I showed her how to make Ang Pau fish for CNY, so there is a relation! another reason is..well..secret XD

There are actually THREE fishes, not two. There is two goldfish and one sucker fish. Notice the eyes in the middle of this pic? that is the third hidden super shy fish.

And guess what we named the fishes??


Sounds logical right? Although I wont eat the fish of course =.= But I cant differentiate them yet =S So we got the names, but we haven't give them the name officially!! I'm the Fish, she's the Chip. I guess I'm the fishy one and she's the...chirpy one??

And we name the Sucker fish Tartar because it goes well with Fish & Chips, someone suggested Salad as well, but tartar tastes better right?

Dory:Keep swimming swimming swimming

And now I got extra chores to do, clean fish tank, feed the fishes , treat it well like how I treat..someone.. and I'm happy to do all that, definately a great sincere gift =)

And I'll post more on Valentine's in the next post!!

My date Rachel and I =) my hair is weird though =S

Happy Valentines to all, how was yours instead?

~another negative 3 days XD~

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Lawy3rz said...

grats jun! i heard just recently from kimberly saw.. im probably like super kuno n outdated haha!