Monday, 2 February 2009

CNY Mood in Melaka =)

Every state or district has their own way to celebrate CNY, so after a long day of visitation on the first day of CNY, my uncle took me and my cousin Steffi for a night out at Jongker Walk!


That area is mostly chinese, so the celebration is abit high tempo, it's SOO big the celebration, this place even appear in The Star newspaper on the CNY Eve celebrations!!

There were soooo many cars, it took us 30 minits to find a parking spot. Tonnes of people of all races, gender, religion, nationality came together to add to the CNY atmosphere here!

The big SALE sign, don't let that cheat you! and notice the oncoming non-stop cars??

They sell all sorts of things at Jongker Walk, anything you can think of, I'm very very sure they sell there, from:-



Non-alcoholic fruit juice in alcoholic-like bottle


Panda toothpaste holder.

Seeing Panda reminds me of someone dear to me =)

The huge hungry crowd.

Most of the foreigners hang out at the cafes which obviously cater for them from the appearance of the cafe. There is even a live band in them and there are TWO couple dancing according to the song! SWEET!

Take pics with Steffi on a mirror.

Took this pic on the way to Jongker Walk while stuck in the terrible jam =.=

Eye of Malaysia from afar.

Even after a couple of hours there, the traffic volume is not decreasing a single bit! There were sooo many people on the sidewalks, sometimes I have to walk on the main road against the cars...scary..

See the sidewalks? Cars have to stop for the humans which includes me =)

Melaka river.

Motor Sampan!!

After eating some mochi by the river (and unfortunately there wasn't any fireworks..sigh....), we walked back to our cars with a couple of souvinier and pictures. Surely is good exploring places at night!

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Pearlyn said...

I went to jonker walk too! why didn't call me out one? I got visit the aunty house this year where we first met last time you know?!

FiFi^^ said...

i regreted..
didnt buy that t-shirt
so sad la..